Friday, June 15, 2007

Missions and Plans To Go

We're heading out this afternoon to trek back home for the weekend. I need to go pet my Daddy for Father's Day. I know I didn't go home for Mother's Day since it was the Royal Weekend and all that. I got a cool Mama that totally understands stuff. My Dad? Will totally pout if I don't go. He says he won't...but I know better. He is King of the Clan and ,therefore, deserves recognition as such. So he shall get it.

I feel sorry for my hubby, though. The girls'...uh....father.....thinks he deserves to have them with him this weekend. I'm not going to dispute that. I never would. I just wish he were more involved and sincere so it would be okay inside. And that's all I have to say about that.

So, Fred gets gypped. He will be minus two kids this Sunday. Eh, that's the way it happens. He got to open his presents from them last night. I figured we would driving today, the girls would be gone tomorrow through Sunday afternoon when we will drive the moment could be lost. He was completely fine with that because he's a total sucker for presents. He was gifted with nice new tools for the Man Stove. Of course he knew they were in his near future, but I decided to get a really nice set so he could be KING of the Man Stove. Paige and I put an apron together for him also. Actually, I bought the apron at wa*mart and we ironed on letters.

I have to stop here and say that most civilians will not get this and I truly apologize for it. Those of you connected to the Navy will and I hope you get a good chuckle off of it. When you are in the Navy it seems you have to qualify for every single little thing. You have to qualify to stand watch......qualify to teach....etc etc. I'm not exactly clear on all of it, I just know it has to be done. The other day I was talking with a neighbor and her hubby has also gotten a new Man Stove recently. We decided to get the aprons and put on them:


Yeah, it's cute and so appropriate. (and you all know I'll get a picture for you because I'm cool like that)

There is one present left for Sunday morning. It gets to travel all the way to South Carolina for the honor of being opened then.

I am so dreading that four+ hour drive today. Just not in the mood, but am ready to see my people!

On another note?

Hair mission accomplished. Ohhhh it is so very very very accomplished. I got through, swung by the house and got Paige, swung by my friend Carla's house and got her and OFF we went! We went and did some retail therapy that I've been needing. (Some addictions just HAVE be fed) While were shopping I informed the gals that since we were out, we simply had to go get something to eat. We called another friend who met us at this little place that serves Italian.

While we sat there, I had an epiphany of sorts.

We were sitting and laughing and just having a decent time and I realized......I'm okay.

Hold on now...go with me. A year ago this time, I was so stressed about moving and literally starting a new temporary life I was almost physically sick over it. How was I going to do this? I would never have friends like the ones I hold so close to go shop and eat out with. It was soul crushing.

But, I'm okay.

I've made new friends. Good ones. Doesn't mean I've lost and forgotten the ones back home. Heck no. Those sisters back home are a part of my very being and I plan on keeping it that way.

I'm just happy. I like the gig we got going on here. I promised my husband I would make the best of it and I feel like I have. I told him I wouldn't let him down and I don't feel like I have.

In the space of just a few hours I got my hair done and had an epiphany.

Looks like I accomplished two missions. Not bad.

**Remember I was getting the eyebrows waxed, too? Uh huh. Since it had been so long since the last time, you could say my skin was a tad bit tender and RED. Did I care? Nope. I went right on out and about. Carla looked at me at one point and said....uh...did you get your brows done? I just grinned and are they?

Must clarify! I went back and proofread again after posting and to my horror, I thought someone might misunderstand. My Dad is King of the Clan...with a C...not a K. Okay..glad we got that all cleared up.

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Melanie said...

That is a fabulous apron idea!! I hope he loves it. Sorry he's getting the short end of the deal. He's a reall daddy, anyone can be the father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy. yeah, that's him. I hope you have a safe trip, and I wish I were packed in your bags - I'd love to see family right about now. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY FRED!!!