Thursday, June 28, 2007

Burn Him a New One

We're set to go to the water park today. Yay. Mak and Vitt have been excited all day long waiting for Dad to get off of work so we can go.

Time was drawing near, so I allowed the two of them to put their swim suits on. Excitement level eased a notch higher.

I'm in the bathroom when I hear a car alarm going off. That's not so unusual. It happens here from time to time.

As I came out of the bathroom and was walking across the living room, I happened to see Makenna fly by the window. Outside.

Uh oh.

Apparently in his excitement to get to the water park, my son decided to climb up and get the key to put in the lock we installed to keep him contained inside because he was going A.W.O.L too often. Just wasn't safe.

He had gone to the van. Opened driver's door. Climbed inside. Started laying on the horn.

Did I mention he locked the door with the auto lock so no one could get in?


I started counting and by the time I got the number one out of my mouth, the door was unlocked.

He got in trouble. And by the time Dad got home? He was still standing in the corner where I dared him to move.

Right now, college is looking reeeaaall good for him.


Crazy Me said...

So, did you still go on your day of fun?

Jacinda said...

Are you kidding me?!!? He unlocked the car, opened the door, climbed in and inserted the key in the ignition and also locked the door?!?!?! WoW! At least he's smart, right?!!?

Jacinda said...

Okay, so I re-read it. Maybe he didn't have to unlock the door to get in and maybe he didn't insert the key in the ignition. STILL! Takes some 3 year old coordination to get all done that he did! :-)