Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Camp Update 2007 plus a couple of thoughts...

That girl of ours is having the time of her life!

We've received short phone calls around 11 at night because they have to be in the dorms by 11 and lights out by 11:30. I'm digging that.

Of course, I'm hearing all the updates on how "hot" the guys are and that the balcony of their room has a clear shot of a room of guys and it was all cool and giggly until they realized those same guys have the SAME view into their room. Then the screaming started. So there's alot of peeking through the curtains going on.

I can't even begin to tell you all the stuff she's done. That's why I'm going to let her post on here when she gets back and fill you all in. I do know they're doing some mission work. She went to a children's home yesterday and was jealous because the other half of the group went to an old folk's home. Paige is all about some old people. She loves them all. She's the kid that when we are at a rest area on the interstate and she sees an elderly lady go in the restroom by herself, she follows at a discreet distance and keeps an eye on her until she's safely back in her car. I'm sure some of the old gals think Paige is a stalker, but she's very protective of them!

The food isn't the greatest, but they have salad so she'll survive. I had to laugh at this because how many kids do you know could live off of salad and be perfectly content? Told you she was weird.

I get the occasional text message telling me she misses me. Or that there's a thunderstorm going on. Or asking what Vitt is up to. Bless his heart, he's been looking for Sissy and can't understand why she won't come home.

For those of you who are fans of Christian rock or pop or whatever...the band Big Daddy Weave was supposed to make an appearance at the camp. She got to see them perform twice on Monday. It blew her mind. She was talking so fast I had to make her slow down a few times just so I could understand her. Apparently the band/group is at the camp the whole entire week and she gets to enjoy their singing goodness every single night! How cool is that? And she is totally buying a t-shirt because they have merch. HUH? What is merch? Can you hear an eye roll through phone lines? I'm positive I heard one because she got all Southern and drawled out "merchandise, Mooooooooother. Jeesh."

I know she's missing me. But not alot. Ouch. My baby is growing up and being a teenager. And not needing me quite as much as she used to. How on earth do you ever get used to that feeling? My own mother gets this serene Mona Lisa smile on her face when I make these comments because she, too, had to let me go. Well, I don't like it one little bit. At least I got a couple of kids behind Paige so it can be a gradual learning thing. Still don't think I'll like it when Vitt gets to that point, either.

She threw a cup of ice cold water on her room mate, Addie, while Addie was taking a shower. I do know she'll get you back? That's the fun part of it, I guess. I know it was when I was that age and we had a Girl Scout sleepover and Janet had a hole in her underwear and she was laying on her stomach watching television and someone (wasn't me! I promise!) poured nail polish in her butt crack. Good times. Don't forget putting wet bras in the freezer overnight. I was scared to sleep at those things!

Anyway, the Edge still keeps edging. Literally! We have yard inspection today as the Commander is driving through to see if we're keeping up the yards and such. Tim(neighbor) and Fred did an amazing job on ours yesterday. Looks right professional since they borrowed Deb's (next door neighbor) electric edger and blower. I think I see new toys in Fred's future. The whole look is kind of ruined right now because I got four containers of recyclables sitting beside the curb. Look. I need them gone and pick up is today. The Commander should be impressed that we are striving to save the environment and make a better future for our kids! (that sounded so soap boxish, didn't it?) I just peeked outside. My hubby has lined all containers up in a neat row. ~snort~ He can be so military precise when he wants to be!

We're off to FINALLY get the tags done and a new license for me today. So not looking forward to that. Do I smile? If I do, then my eyes will squint. If I don't smile? Then, it'll look like a mug shot. What to do????? comes the recycle truck now. I'll get Vitt to go outside and get the containers so Tim and Fred's hard work with shine without the sight of blue containers ruining the view.

Oh. One more thing. My friend Coty is having her baby today!!!!


p.s. I honestly believe the recycle guy is a perv. He was flipping through my redbook and glamour magazines. I bet he puts them to the side and takes them home with him. Perv.


Crazy Me said...

Oh man, bras in the freezer. I remember those days!

Paige said...

Addie didn't get me back because i was the only one who could figure out how to close and lock our bathroom door. =]