Friday, June 22, 2007

Things To Do

My list of things to do are longer than the amount of business hours in a day. I thought by now I might have a break of sorts. Reckon I thought wrong.

Compass is over for a few weeks. We have gone forth and educated more Navy Wives on this great military of ours. In a few weeks, I get to take the mentor class. That simply means when classes come around, I can help with presentations and such. Plus, I get a super cool pin to wear on my name tag. Oh, and don't forget how meaty and juicy that resume of mine is going to be.

We took Makenna to the ENT yesterday for her post-op visit. She's lost 11 1/2 lbs. That's quite a bit for a kid her age, but she's finally started eating again, so I'm sure she'll find it all before too long. She was cleared for swimming pools, but we were told not to overdo that angle. I really thought about it and I'm not going to let her take swim lessons next week. The swim instructor really works the kids to make they learn what they need to in a short amount of time. It would wear Mak out quick like. She's still weak and I just don't think her stamina can handle jumping into swim lessons. That being decided, I've also called my mom to tell her we wouldn't be going to SC for the week. There's really no reason to now. Sure, I need to work on the house there. That's a given. I'll find time to do it on another visit. When Fred can be there to help. Now doesn't that sound like a better plan? I thought so, too.

That just leaves a few things left to do that need immediate attention.
Such as....

1. Get a Georgia driver's license.
2. So we can register both vehicles in Georgia.
3. So we don't have to pay taxes out the butt like we do back in S.C.
4. Because one vehicle will have expired tags on July 1.
5. And the other vehicle is due in July.
6. Some where in there, we gotta get the list of things for Paige to take to camp.
7. We gotta go shopping to get said stuff for camp.
8. I gotta get her packed and every thing listed in her suitcase so she can do a checklist before coming back home because if I don't? She'll forget half the stuff she's taken with her.
9. My posse (Carla and Debbie) and I have a function to attend tonight around six, so I have to make sure I'm home to get dressed for that.
10. And find time to finish all this laundry so Paige will have clothes to take with her next week.

I'm kind of sad about giving up the S.C. driver's license. Call me sentimental. Pangs will go through my heart when I hand it over, but I'll recover quite nicely, I'm sure, when I don't have to pay those high taxes due on the van. Georgia is kind of cool to the military. We get a break on that stuff to a degree.

I'm thinking something might go lacking in that list. And all of it is important and has/needs to be done. It's amazing, you know. Sometimes I can sit back and let life do it's thing and just glide on by. Other times? I pass myself a dozen times trying to play keep up and I never get to even see the finish line.

One thought comforts me through all of this.

At least my hair will look good.


A Still Pregnant Coty said...

My only advice is this: Don't bother trying to get that GA license in Kingsland. That office is only open like two days a week. Just make the half hour drive to Brunswick where they have NORMAL business hours and you'll be home free.

I was a little sad to give up my SC license, too, but the GA ones are prettier. :)

BTW, TOTALLY living in those flip flops. THANK YOU!

Miss Hope said...

Yeah, Coty. We might give up the S.C. license...but have the S.C. themed flip flops so we can still represent! They have become my most favoritest pair to wear! I'm glad you're enjoying yours.

Crazy Me said...

New license photo ... fun!