Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blown Away

The last 24 hours have just blown me away! I sit here and feel that now I can share them with you, Internets, because you are my readers. My friends. And I know all those numbers aren't from people just reading....they're mostly me and Paige showing anyone who walked in what a cool thing she's done. I shall tell of the incidents that have occurred that have been amazing to me.

1. My son. Now we can all shake our heads collectively and I can see all of you on the edge of your seats just waiting to see what he's done now. Just for the record, I feel I must state it out loud again. He's three. He turned three back in April. He walked at eight months two days. I really didn't want him to walk that early, but Daddy was getting ready to leave and just needed to see him take those first steps. Now? He's riding his bike. Without training wheels. I kid you not. Back in SC this past weekend, he was given the chance and just flew. Fred only had to stabilize him as he climbed on and off he went! I watched in amazement as he went back and forth in the back yard..on grass no less! Yesterday Dad took the training wheels off of the bike here and into the sunset he rode! I think they told me he went around the whole cull de sac twice before gracefully falling off because stopping hasn't been perfected yet. He's only three. And I'm sorry, but this doesn't mean he can get a car at age 13. He can over achieve to his little heart's content, but I gotta draw the line somewhere in this shifting sand.

2. My neighbors. God, I hate being older sometimes with this life experience under my belt. I really do. My neighbors K and D are newly married (less than a year) and nothing doing she had to get pregnant. She's 18 and he just turned 21. See what I mean? They don't know jack about life. They are leaving today for a 16 hour drive to Michigan because someone is giving her a baby shower and she has to be there or she will just die. She has pushed the envelope until D was forced to go over his higher up's head because his leave was denied. He did get the leave...but at what cost to his career when he comes home? Best part? She has placenta previa...a life threatening condition to both her and the baby. I asked what the doc said and she just shrugged and said she didn't tell him she was going to travel by vehicle for 16 hours and she would just lay on her side in the back seat anyways. I just looked at her. I still can't believe how ignorant she is. Truly. I tried to talk to her. Fred tried to talk to D. But, to no avail. I just hope and pray they aren't made to pay for their stupidity with her life, the baby's life, or both.

3. Finally. I am blown away by your generosity. You guys were cool to comment like that. I let you off the hook now. If you want to comment...go for it. If you don't? Well, I hope you've enjoyed your visit to the Edge. (Aunt Anne? I'm sticking my tongue out at you!)

I'd also like to give a shout out to my Mama Di. This is an extra "Mom" I've had since childhood. Her daughter and I grew up together and I spent so much time at her house and vice versa both sets of parents really should have been able to claim an extra child on their taxes. One bright memory I have of her is that woman can pop gum like no body's business. She can literally chew gum and make it pop with every single bite. I was always in awe of that talent. I have tried to do that so many times, but, alas, have never acquired that particular talent. She told me this past weekend she got to take a peek at the Edge. Sooooo...HEY MAMA DI! I LOVE YOU! Don't forget to give my Chelle that message please!

I got class tonight. "It's gonna make my resume look good. It's gonna make my resume look good." Ya know...I keep repeating that to myself and it's not working yet.


Hope's Hubby said...

Yes, darling. Just keep repeating it. Then you can get a good job and support me when I retire......LOL. Just kidding. You know I wouldn't put that on you. I did finally get to read all the comments from yesterday and loved each and every one of them. By the way, Thank you to all of you who wished me Happy Father's Day a couple of posts back. I love you darling, just one thing, I have the "Man Stove" now, so you should not have to worry about fast food stuff around the house when you get back.

♥paige♥ said...

psshh..not to mention i get paid $75..thats just a bonus..heh heh