Monday, June 11, 2007


My son. Sometimes that's all I have to say and those who know him will nod their head solemnly in sympathy. Because he's a tough nut, People.

Lately he's using his newly learned smarts in a different way. I say newly learned, because, at this age kids learn at a constant rate. A constant scary rate.

He now has a Big Boy Bed in his room. Since we moved here, he's been on a toddler bed in our room which is right where I wanted him. Now, I feel he's too the point that he can sleep on a regular bed just feet away from our bedroom door. It only seems right since he loves to sleep in our bed from about 4 a.m. til daybreak. We've put him to bed in there a few times and it's gone okay for the most part. Mostly what he does is just fight sleep. He hates to go to sleep. We know, he knows, that if he is still for five minutes, he will be completely out. He still doesn't make it easy for us.

Yesterday, I told Fred he needed some quiet time. Just make him lay on a pillow with a blanket for 30 minutes. We ALL needed a little bit of quiet time. I really didn't care if he took a nap or not. I was just tired of wondering what he was getting into. So, Fred made him come in the living room with us and lay on the floor. The race was on...or a bunch of interviews since the race was rained out. I was on the laptop playing games and Fred was reading a book. Nice and quiet.

I looked down at Vitt and he appeared to be completely engrossed in the interviews going on. That was odd. I motioned for Fred to look at him because he had his little head propped up in his hands and was seriously paying attention.

No, he wasn't. He was pulling his new trick of doing everything possible to stay awake. And losing. I've caught him doing this a couple of times already and have, of course, taken pictures. All we can do is laugh. One day I hope and pray he will bring the love of his life around so I can thoroughly embarrass him within an inch of his life. It's the least I get to do after raising his stubborn butt. Right?


andria said...

I love that picture

A VERY pregnant Coty said...

He's so dang cute. I just wanna squish him.

And a note: My own husband still does that exact same thing!

Domestic Diva said...

That is just so adorable!! Love it!