Sunday, August 31, 2008

Repeat it enough and you'll believe it

My boy is a blessing. My boy is a joy. My boy is the beat of my heart. My boy needs his ears checked!!!!!

We had to go get tennis shoes for Kenna and The Boy today. I've been putting it off for as long as possible because good shoes aren't cheap and I'd have to take that boy of mine in public.

We went to the shoe store first because I needed my kid to be fresh and not worn out from shopping. Little good that did me. By the time we left, I knew for certain that before long? Either he or I will be on medication. It's like his ears just turn completely off and he is unable to function and listen like he's supposed to. I'm not asking the kid to be perfect, but QUIT RUNNING LIKE A FROOT LOOP AROUND THE FREAKING STORE ALL READY. I had to put Paige and her friend at the front doors because he heads for freedom and will burst through and just keep going...right into traffic. That's how bad it is.

We did manage to get him a pair of shoes. And one for his sister. My 9 year old is in a women's size 8.5! Her heel is so narrow, we have to lace them up like crazy. Makes no sense. Two pair later and we were out of there. I guess that's done until the next growth spurt which is when? Two months? Growing kids are expensive for sure.

The Boy deemed it so that we eat at Cracker Barrel. He loves that place and I believe that is the one sign he can read with no problem. I threatened Paige that I was gonna blog about her licking her salad plate because she's all about a good salad and dressing but I changed my mind. There's no need in embarrassing the child about licking a plate and how I started basically hollering at her and I think I might have forked her to get her to put it down but she was laughing too hard at me to do so. I called her a redneck and she said I acted like more of one attacking her with my fork. I beg to differ. I was being a Mama trying to instill good table manners in my child. There's a difference, you know. So, I won't blog about it and shall spare her this time. I'm cool like that.

Another reason for braving the public today is because of it being Labor Day. There is the stead fast rule in our home that you get NOTHING after Labor Day. This is in preparation for Christmas. Years ago, I realized that my children had great potential to be spoiled beyond rotten. I wanted to stop it. So, when Kenna was little, I made the rule that no one gets anything after Labor Day so that Christmas will highly anticipated and enjoyed and appreciated. Oh boy, The Man had some issues with this when we started dating. He was a single dude who got what he wanted when he wanted. When I informed him the rule applied to him also, it took some getting used to. He didn't like it one bit, but I wanted him to show the kids he could do it and quietly wished for him to capture some Christmas magic back from child hood. The girls accept the rule and have made it a part of their lives. The Boy was just thrilled to get something today. I realized that The Man and I truly don't go buying like stupid heads on a regular basis. We have brought it down to birthdays and Christmas (with the bonus Labor Day). If the girls have their own money, they can make purchases. The Boy doesn't even really know what the toy aisle is in W*lmart. Why take the child down aisles of toys if we're not going to buy anything? We start looking around the end of October through November where you are allowed to say, "I sure would like to have that." or "That would be a really cool Christmas present right there." or " Tell Nana I want that because she'll get me whatever I want at Christmas" or "This movie is coming out so please tell MiMi I want this movie because she always gets the good movies!". My husband and I aren't poor, but the military doesn't pay THAT well. Add in the fact that these kids will be on their own one day and they need to learn now that this sense of entitlement their generation carries won't help them pay the bills when they are OUT OF MY HOUSE. I'm just saying.

Tomorrow, my girl marches in uniform in a local parade. She's nervous and excited and I can't wait to see her show off what she's been working so hard at learning. I'm so proud of her dedication. Of course, I plan on taking pictures of her in her "salt and pepper's". Of course, I plan on blawg'ing about it so you can see her, too!

I apologize for my rant about The Boy earlier. The kid is a bundle of energy that would make a nuclear power plant look like a 2-watt light bulb. You know I love him.


Kristi said...

Wow...there has been a lot going on in your life the last little whle. It is always so hard when our kids struggle. I am so glad that you are getting things worked out. Hang in there!
I love the idea of no gifts after labor day. That is such a great idea.

I am Boymom said...

I have one of those little energizer bunnies myself. The kid is at full speed from the minute he wakes up til the minute he goes to bed. I fell for ya, it can be exhausting. I am laughing my butt off about the Cracker barrel scene with the fork. Hilarious!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh boy your boy sounds like ... Taz maybe?! LOL

Hey if it was a steak salad from Cracker Barrel - plate licking is totally justified!

Jill AKA busymom said...

Girl....I believe in letting them all stay home when I shop. Ask Mel it makes her dizzy to shop with all of us at the same time:)