Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And it's gone....

A month ago, I took Paige to the doctor about her ankles. Poor girl, they bother her a lot and I knew we were going to have to address them so she could find relief. Makenna went with me the day that I took her just to tag along. After it was decided that Paige would do another round of physical therapy before deciding if ortho should get involved, I asked the Doctor to take a look at Makenna.

If you've paid attention to my pictures, you might have noticed the mole on Makenna's neck. I've always considered this a beauty mark of sorts. It was something that has made her unique. Lately, I noticed that it was looking different. A little larger. Rougher kind of surface to it. The doctor studied it a minute and agreed with me..it didn't look right to her either. A referral was put in for her to see a dermatologist so it could be taken care of.

You gotta love waiting on a referral. This time, it seemed to take a little while longer than usual for that letter to arrive in the mail. Finally, we received a response. Apparently, there's a new rule in town. The girls have their bio-dad's insurance plus The Man's. This has helped us out tremendously when it comes to their medical bills since we moved to Georgia. We appreciate any and all help with medical bills because the bio-dad refuses to help pay his part. That's no secret. I'm pretty sure if you ask him, he'll say he doesn't *need* to. That's not what the courts said in our divorce decree, but I have vowed not to besmirch his character in front of my children. So, I suck it up and keep going.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Two insurances now means the girls don't have to have referrals. How about that? As long as the physician accepts both insurances, we're gold.

I got Paige squared away with her physical therapy as we were using the same place she had been before. Then I had to find a dermatologist. Oh joy. I started with the phone book and was right successful my first call. I wanted someone who specialized in mole removal and pediatrics. I found the guy. We had to travel a little way to Brunswick, but I was okay with that. I'd much prefer to go to Brunswick than Jacksonville any day of the week. JAX is just crazy and HUGE.

The Man took the day off to accompany us (because that's how he rolls). We set out Thursday morning early so we could eat breakfast with Makenna. Her birthday was Friday and I just wanted to spend time with her. She had her parents full attention and she was perfectly okay with that. She picked the place where we ate and settled in to enjoy some pancake goodness.

The drive took a little while, but I always enjoy it. The scenery is great and once you get off the interstate, it's really cool.

We arrived at the office with time to spare, thanks to The Man who, I swear, has a built in GPS system in his brain. He never gets lost and can find his way anywhere with the barest of directions. (Another reason he got to accompany us!) The office was quiet with soft music filtering through.

Here I was, biddy-bopping my way through the pages of paperwork, when something caught my eye. (picture at bottom)

We all three went back with Makenna when the time came. The nurse was great and friendly and we talked about a love for sunscreen. She gave me a compliment when I made the comment not to look at my skin as I didn't quit tanning until around age 30. (I know-shame on me!) She said my skin looked great and there didn't appear to be a lot of sun damage. Whew! Makenna informed her that as long as she lives with me, she won't be allowed to have a tan. Score one for Mama in the nurse's eyes! (I surely saw her make that notation in the chart, too-heh heh)

The doctor walked in with his assistant P.A. He took a quick glance at the mole on her neck and pronounced it fine. Uh, okay? We were then informed that if it concerned us, he could surely remove it.

I sat back in my chair and crossed my arms and squinted at him. Then, I said something to the effect, "Well, she has two insurances and your office accepts both of them. If this procedure is worded right? We could have ourselves a party."

He pursed his lips briefly and nodded before replying, "We try very hard not to use the word "cosmetic"." He looked hard at me then-there was some serious brain activity going on between us- and said, " Are you CONCERNED this *might* be cancer? Would you like to have it removed and tested for such?"

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Gotcha.

The Man and I agreed that we were, indeed, concerned with this mole.

Next thing we knew? He had my baby girl laid back in the chair and needle going for her throat? What? Who? Wait a minute!!!

I sputtered something about me and The Man being in there. He assured us it wouldn't take but a minute. He was simply going to shave it off. WHAT??? Are you freaking kidding me?

I got hot. Seriously. My body temperature went up ten degrees. I wasn't mad. It was just so unexpected and fast! I thought he would tell us to come back and he would then remove it. But, right then and there!?! Holy cow!

Through all of this, my girl didn't even flinch. She was steady as a rock. The only reaction out of her was a simple, "Ow." I kid you not.

I couldn't watch them shave it off. *Hold on. Weak stomach here.*

Then they cauterized the edges!!!

Help me, Lord!!!!
*It was about this time I realized I really needed something to fan myself with because I extremely hot feeling.*

Have you smelled burning flesh lately?

The Man stayed safely in his corner and didn't say a word. (I am now giving him a dirty look as I type this because..well BECAUSE)

I was trying to look at Makenna, but my eyes were drawn to her neck where all the action was.

She was still a rock. That's my girl.

Next thing I knew, we were outside in fresh sea air. Whew. I'll be expecting a call within ten days on the results of the test.

You know we went straight and got that girl a Webkinz. If I had a hundred dollar bill, I might have given it to her. She was seriously smooth (and the doctor and staff praised her profusely about it). She EARNED that Webkinz, Internets.

I know the past few posts have been about Makenna, but you have to admit the girl has been a little busy lately. Besides, she deserves the spotlight, too!

This is the bridge we went over to get there. It's not intimidating until you get right to it. Paige has small panic attacks when she realizes we're going to drive over it. The Man loves to get to the top of it and then coast down the other side. Going up it, we only get 9 miles per gallon. Coasting down the other side, the Hoe can get up to around 90 miles per gallon. For some reason, that thrills my husband to no end.

Okay, Class. I'm hoping you can read this. Can you see the statement that made me pause? I answered it and went to the next set and had to pause a second and go back. I started laughing right there in the waiting room as I showed it to the man. I asked him, "Are they for real???" He didn't even blink when I whipped out my cell phone to take a picture to share with you. *Coming back to help those who can't make out the question. It says: "Are you pregnant (women)?" Excuse me? Is there something going on with the male population that I haven't heard???*

This is right before everyone walked in. I wish I had gotten a better view of the mole but I didn't know it wasn't going to be there when we walked out!

This was on the ride home. Note the teeny band aid on her neck. She wasn't mad when I took the picture. She was just ....smooth.

Don't you want to come live at The Edge? There's never a dull moment around here!


Krys72599 said...

Better it was removed. I had a 3-D mole on the back of my neck. No problem with it, but I certainly couldn't see it to see if it was ever changing. And every time, darn it, EVERY time I combed or brushed my hair - Ouchies!
So I finally went to the dermatologist. He did the same thing. "There's no problem with it, Miss Cook, but if you'd like, I can take it off."
"Yes, right now."
And that quickly, that simply, it was gone. Same procedure - shaved that baby right off and cauterized what was left. No pain. Lots of gain!
And a good night's sleep for the rest of my life, not worrying about THAT particular mole!
Good for Makenna, being so darn brave!
And pancakes, to boot! Lucky girl!

Monogram Queen said...

Girl I couldn't live at the Edge, i'm not smooth enough!

Yay for Makenna - what a brave, brave girl! I would have burst into tears when he said they would remove it then and there. Seriously!
Can I just say I am #1 Member of The Man's Fan Club. He seriously ROCKS.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW - JUST WOW! What a brave little trooper she is. I don't know if I could have handled all that so quickly, Miss Hope. I most definitely would have had to have some fanning right there! I know my sister had several "burned" off from her neck and face but I never heard of them being shaved off. I dunno, maybe the "burned off" was referring to the cauterizing or something. And let me just tell you - BURNING FLESH has to be the most dizzying smell I've ever experienced.

Karen said...

I think it's a submariner thing. Vinny never gets lost either. He always knows how to get everywhere.

And I give you credit for watching them do that to her neck. I would have been turned to the wall. lol!

Neighbor Debbie said...

I live close to the Edge does that count. Ya know that is me over there on that itsy, bitsy, teeney, weeny cliff, with the one big root stickin out, that's the one I'm hangin on to.

Anonymous said...

Could you pass a new pair of big girl panties please?!?!?

Roni said...

Alright Miss Hope, some of us are too old to read that-even WITH glasses on. I cant stand the curiosity! What does it say?

Busy Texas Dee said...

Well I'm glad the mole was taken care of. But I probably would have reacted the same way you did. I have NEVER been to a doctors office that didn't see you first and then set another appointment to take care of any proceedures. That is amazing that he did it right away.

Well she is a tough cookie. Just like her mommy.

ronee said...

I live the edge!!but i think i should move closer to the edge to be near you and neighbor debbie!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

I can't live at the Edge. The commute to work would kill me. Kids and medical procedures is the surest test of character one can devise. She is a trooper.

My character is seriously flawed in comparison with your man. I have no nav skills. Bloody sailors. Making the rest of us look bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm really proud that Makenna did so well at the Dr.'s office. It's good that she got it removed. There would always be that worry that it could be cancerous. Her Aunt C. had one that she had to get removed as an adult because it really started to bother her. Her clothes were irritating it. I think it probably heals a lot faster on a child also.
Love you all. Mimi

The family said...

Okay you had mr griping my seat there for a few minutes. Ouch. Makenna is SUCH a strong one. I want to grow up to be here.

Good job!

C said...

Yikes. I'm glad she did so well!

I'm right with most of the other commenters, though... I'm not sure I have the gumption to live at the Edge. ;)

Michelle said...

Makenna is just so cool!

Love the birthday cake in the previous post...she looks to have scored big this year!

Joe and Samantha said...

She's beautiful.
Classic Beautiful Beauty.

Watch out- Hubs is in for it!