Monday, February 09, 2009

Picture Monday (again!)

When Monday rolls around, I usually have a thought or two I like to share with all of you. Some times I'll have a load of pictures I need to share because I let them get back-logged. That is the case today. If picture posts bore you, I apologize. This is the only way some of our family will get to see the kids and how they're growing. My sister-in-law in TEXAS started a blog and I am so grateful for that. I have a nephew (age 3) and a niece (age *almost* 2) whom I've never seen except in pictures. It makes me very sad that I never got to hold them as babies and that I am a stranger to them. Life happens and it happened with us. Travelling with a family of five has just been too expensive for us in the past few years. The only thing we really do is go visit in South Carolina once in a while because we have a place to stay there and can drive it easily. Same goes for my sister-in-law. She's been busy renovating a home, raising two toddlers (and a high school-er!) Life happens.

Therefore, I share my pictures so they can see what I see here at The Edge. That my babies are growing and thriving. It makes me nervous because I've seen hits on my sidebar from many foreign countries. Why are they looking at The Edge? I have nothing for anyone outside this country that I'm aware of. I pray that my sharing my love for God, my children, and my country will not affect us in a negative way.

We kept Makenna's birthday very low key this year. A huge party wasn't discussed and, frankly, I was afraid to have some big blow out with The Boy still working on control. Too much action and noise tends to over stimulate him to where he appears to lose his mind. Carla offered to have supper at her house with just her family and mine. Considering we weren't going to do much anyway, I accepted. What a nice time was had! It was smooth and easy. The kids played and my son was comfortable and acted amazingly well. It was a familiar environment with people he knew and Makenna was just thrilled to have something done in her honor. Some times last minute parties work out the best.

Now I'll wrap up Miss Thang's "10th Birthday 2009"!

A quick trip to the dollar store gave us some cute decorations! This was adorable and just her style.

Do you know what this is? Come on now....I think you do! When I asked Makenna what kind of cake she wanted, without hesitation, she replied, "I want a Golden Snitch cake from Harry Potter!" I called up Mandi to see if she was up to the challenge. She found a few examples online and we modified it down. (The cakes online were HUGE!) She went so far as to make the wings on the Snitch. Add in the pink and green for some snappy color and we were set. We were not disappointed, either. The cake was delicious and a big hit with my girl!

One thing I've started doing since we moved to Georgia is the balloon bouquet. The party store we have here has the balloons with the age on them and I add in a mylar one to make it good. The kids look forward to this because it's just so festive. This was the gift table and it didn't look bad at all!

I thought this was cute. This stuff is called Pink. Paige got some for Christmas and loves it. Carla gave Makenna her own set and she was thrilled to have something "cool" like her sister. Since Paige was gone to Orlando for the Revolve Tour (Teen Girl Christian thang), she took a picture to send so Paige could see what she got. ~sigh~ This made her age in a blink and head even closer to being a teenager.

At the party store, I found some "gold" candles in a pack of ten! Well, if that wasn't a sign right there. Gold candles. Golden Snitch. Pack of ten. It was perfect, I tell you!

I have another set of pictures concerning one of her birthday gifts that will take up a whole other blog post. I wonder why on earth we get our kids stuff that will make a mess. Sometimes, I think a piece of our brains go missing when we go searching for the perfect gift! Curious yet?

Have a good Monday, Internets. Valentine's Day is rolling up quick! (That's for all the menfolk out there. I heart my menfolk readers and they know I'm looking out for them!)


Bonita said...

Looks like she had a lot of fun! I love the cake, really creative.

The Man on the Edge said...

My love, don't forget to blog about what happened at the Dermotologist, especially since you said what you said about it in one of your previous posts.

Miss Hope said...

All things in good time, Dear.

Krys72599 said...

A Golden Snitch cake?!??!!
How lucky is that Makenna!!!
I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan - my husband and I listen to the CDs in the car and watch one of the movies every weekend!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

love the cake! makenna is a lucky girl.

Busy Texas Dee said...

Looks like Makenna had a great time. I'm so glad. She is growing up so fast. And thank you for the pictures. I know our kids are growing up without each other but like you said life happens. Hopefully we will see you soon (The Man's RETIREMENT). I am determined to make there. I NEED to see my GA family. Love you.

Denise said...

What a perfect Golden Snitch cake! I made my son a Harry Potter cake for one of his birthdays -- it was a plain frosted cake with a lightning bolt down the middle, lol. That's about as complicated as I could get!

Monogram Queen said...

What a terrific Birthday celebration!

Anonymous said...

All right I just gotta say that cake was totally IT! Job well done there, Miss Hope. Oh and I so LOVE the balloon bouquets. We do one every year for Miss Ma'am that usually ends up on the gift table as well but a couple times they ended up on the cake table. Just depends on the theme and where we happen to be at the time. Beautiful party!