Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Talk

The Boy didn't get his banana split. He made it through the whole entire day until the very last activity (large group). I guess something came over him and he just decided he didn't need to listen to his teacher. In fact, when she told him to do something, he flat out told her "no". Oh. My. Goodness. That did not go over well with Mama. You don't TELL a teacher no or show disrespect. Needless to say, he did NOT get the banana split. He still has the ability to earn it today if he works hard. I had to take him to school this morning and we discussed it before getting there. He assured me he was going to try very hard. I told him yesterday on the way to church that if he hurried and earned the split, then he could work towards earning a trip to the waterfront park to play on the playground there. He adores that playground so we may be on to something.

Moving on to some Monday Talk.....

*The following thoughts and opinions are not reflected by all who reside at The Edge. They are the thoughts and opinions of the author of this blog.

Paige and I have gone rounds over this subject. There has been no winner of the heated debate thus far.

What is up with the boy hairstyles today?

Seriously. What is up with the hair hanging down in the eyes. Shaggy unkempt hair. Yuck.

Thing that kills me is they are deliberately pulling the hair forward to cover their eyes!!! I don't get it. Hasn't anyone told them that hair on the face will cause acne from all the oil?

Why does this bother me?

I'll tell you why.


That drives me insanely crazy.

I am to the point that I can not help but make comments in public.


While waiting in line at a fast food place, the kid in front of me was standing with his mother. He appeared to be around 14 or 15. He constantly jerked his head because his shaggy mess was either irritating him or he wanted to feel the brush of hair across his cheek. I turned to the person I was with and said, "Poor thing. I hope his parents put him on seizure medication soon for all the jerking he's doing or CUT HIS HAIR so he'll quit doing that." He turned to look at me and I bestowed upon him a sweet smile and wide innocent eyes.

Yesterday, in church, the youth praise team sang a song. I'm thinking it was a good song, too. I can't really tell because the drummer had THAT HAIR and he kept jerking his head the whole time he was playing. I have no idea how he was able to keep time and not screw up the beat while doing that every ten seconds. I couldn't tear my eyes away from him. He jerked his head to move his hair. Every.Ten.Seconds. I counted. I had to.

Paige has a friend with this hair-do. I have asked him flat out if he realizes he looks like he's having seizures with the constant head jerking. I hurt his feelings, but I believe the head jerking has become such a habit, they don't even realize how stupid they look.

Don't get me wrong. I like long-ish hair on some men. Nothing suits me better than a little pony tail pulled back with a strip of leather. Back in my day, living at the beach would show different lengths of hair and it was all good. Most kept it one length and not this 10,000 different lengths. Nor did they pull it towards their faces unless it fell there by accident while on the dance floor. If that happened, they would use both hands to pull it back while keeping the beat. Yeah, longer hair is good if you know how to work it.

I don't let my son grow his hair out. He gets a hair cut around every 3 weeks and it is CUT. I know part of that is because The Man is in the military and at this time, he can't tolerate long hair on guys. It's simply not allowed. My brother never went through that phase, either. He's always had a very short cut, along with my Dad.

For those of you out there who are letting your son express themselves? It's all good. I don't spazz or go loopy over it. I just sit there and go quietly insane (for the most part) over the head jerking. I hope and pray my son will never want to express himself in that manner. I don't want to even think about the fights...uh, discussions...that might ensue over his gorgeous head of hair.

Paige meets me toe to toe over this and calls me old fashioned and out of touch. Excuse me? I do believe her generation is wearing the SAME THING we wore back in the late 80's. Pu-leeze. This is how the "cool" people wear their hair. Not in my house, they don't. I looked her in the eye and said, "You seriously think these hairstyles look good?" I never really got a straight answer. She is defending her generation loyally and I am out in the cold fashion-less world of stupidity. Whatever.

So, tell me what you think. If you support this shaggy hair style the boys are sporting, it won't offend me. I'd love to hear your side.

The week is shaping up to be the usual kind of busy. I'm not complaining. Busy means that stuff is getting done. You go on and have a good Monday. I'm heading to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee!


Neighbor Debbie said...

OHHHH I'm so with you on this one sister. I hate the long unkept hair and dont forget to mention the pants pulled down past the butt cheeks, showing off ur boxers. If you want people to see your boxers just wear them on the outside of your pants! OK done venting.

Krys72599 said...
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Krys72599 said...

Hello, Miss Hope (and Neighbor Debbie!)!
I am SOOOOO with you both!
The hair thing? Ugh. Tempts me to ask if their meds are working on that tic... I don't mind longish hair when it's neat and clean
And the pants falling off their behinds? Double ugh!
But I'll take it one step further: I have a measuring tape that I'd be happy to lend anyone who doesn't know how long their legs are. There is no need to wear pants that are 18" too long for you, all bagged up around your ankles... It's so sloppy-looking and I hate it.
Okay, I feel better, too!

Roni said...

Im with you girls on this one and I have one of those things living with me! Ok so he is 20 and I cant say much (except complain about the hair ALL the time) and I took him shopping for his last few pairs of pants, which by the way ARE the correct size but I dont understand how they can fit the right way at the store but the first time he wears them, with a belt mind you, they are just about under his butt cheeks!! Those butt cheeks were so very cute as a baby but I really dont want to see them now!

Karen said...

Hair in the eyes wasn not allowed in my house growing up either Hope. It drives me insane! You are not alone!!

Bonita said...

Good morning Hope! I am so with you on the shaddy hair jerky neck thing. Brocks hair is just getting over his ears and we are ready for a hair cut. We're going to teach Brock about keeping up his hair and if he wants to grow it out the first day i see a grease ball or a jearky head hes getting a buzz cut.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all about the hair and baggy pants, but what about the girls that wear the tight blue jeans that show their butt cheeks when they bend over?
I Can;t Stand it!
They button them under their belly.
I guess they are called low rise jeans. Just Awful is what I call them!

Anonymous said...

anonymous is Simply Carolina
Can't get to sign in right.

Neighbor Debbie said...

I agree that the girls shouldnt show their butt crack either even if it is adorned with a cute little panties that resembel butt floss. Neighbor is constantly fussin at Britt about her panties showing. He has even grabbed them and gave her a wedgie. She was shocked and asked what he did that for. He said well it was showing I thought that is what it was there for. She has been better since that happened.

AndreaLeigh said...

you are so funny! I blame it on the jonas brothers. that darn joe. he's such a trouble maker. :)

cat said...

You took the words straight out of my mouth.

I think they must have bad neck problems with all that jerking and swaying of their heads back and forth.

It is really a bad habit to start, because like you said "they don't even know that they are doing it."

Anonymous said...

Miss Hope, I could not agree with you more! Where I live, it seems the trend with the teen boys here is some degree of androgeny(sp?) And that goes for some of the girls too. I mean, with the long, gross shaggy hair, and those skinny tight jeans, it's really hard to tell boy from girl, girl from boy!

It used to drive me nuts watching the boys walk around with their pants down around their ankles, but I'd rather see that than those gross skinny jeans!

Maybe we should start a movement across the country: A scissor brigade. Work in teams of two, one person hold 'em down, the other cuts the hair right above the eyes to prevent such head jerking!!!!!

Denise said...

There's a boy at my church with that hair, too, and I can't help wondering if his mom has decided this is one fight she's just not going to have, you know? Pick your battles. But it looks so shaggy and dirty and sloppy, he looks homeless (although he comes from a well-off, and quite conservative, family). Oh well, at least he's at church!

P.S. I don't mind the moptop if it's well-kept and skims above the eyes, like the oh-so-cute Zac Efron.

Michelle said...

Too bad about the boy...hope he earns it all back soon..

Hate all the hair and acne it causes on most...the 70 and 80's clothes and hair were ugly then and even uglier now!

Monogram Queen said...

"Poor thing. I hope his parents put him on seizure medication soon for all the jerking he's doing or CUT HIS HAIR so he'll quit doing that." He turned to look at me and I bestowed upon him a sweet smile and wide innocent eyes. "

Bwaa haaaa haaaa! I love love LOVE it! Pure southern bitchi/niceness!

Our friends son has the hairstyle - and does the jerk thing too. I remember the boys having the long hair when I was in middle school (that about right?) and I have to say I think it looks okay. However NOW you will have me hung up on the jerking too thanks to your post.
Lord I am STILL laughing though. I don't think I could take too much around you, i'd have to wear depends!

That being said, the thing that makes me want to claw my eyes out and snatch somebody up so fast that they have a wedgie or a levi tab hanging out of their nose is the sagging pants. Drive.Me.Nuts. Hurt somebody nuts. Seriously!

So I feel your pain, Hope, I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

As a mother of a teenage boy who wanted to grow his hair...hum, his father being the clean cut military all the way, get your cut three times a week deal...I said let him grow out. Now, his hair wasnt like the hang in your eyes, jerk your head hairdo..his was thick, get bushy like a ball on his head!!! The father was fittin' to be tied....but my this day and time, you have to pick your battles...if he wanted that hairdo, leave him alone...he father finally gave in and agreed and thankfully, the boy asked for a haircut!!!! He could be cutting school, disrespectful, smoking dope, drinking, robbing someone, was hair, it wasnt all that bad!

Busy Texas Dee said...

I agree with you. I can't stand long hair in someones face. It drives me nuts. I like to look at someones face when we are having a converstaion. Ashley knows all about that. I let her know when I think a guys hair is too long or is to off the wall for me. I know with our generation then some guys had their hair long but it was always neat. Either pulled back or at least NOT IN THE FACE. The Man had long hair at one point. Don't know if he remembers that but mom has pictures. I'll have to see if I can find any and send you copies. There are a few men that I think would look absolutely rediculous without long hair. Trace Adkins is the first one to come to mind. I just love his hair. And of course he keeps it nice and neat and out of his face. So I totally understand where you are coming from on this subject. Tell Paige I may be old fashioned or out of touch with her generation but long hair on guys MUST BE kept NEAT and OUT OF THE FACE as far as I am concerned. It just looks better.

Lishak said...

Yeah, the extra shaggy beetles look is not the hottest look I've every seen on a guy. Then again, I married a military guy with a military cut! :)

Dani said...

I have to say I don't get it either. It may be because my dad has had the same haircut for the past oh 33 years ... military short. I had friends in high school that had the longer hair, but it was usually one length and somewhat neat (not really in the eyes). I think a lot of the guys had short messy hair ... I'd have to go back and look at pictures. It wasn't military short but for the most part wasn't extremely long either. I knew quite a few that would shave their heads at least once a year (swimmers). I don't get the long shaggy hair, nor the baggy pants. Thankfully, I don't see the long hair much but I am amazed at the either (a) too large pants or (b) too small pants that I see when we get to wear civilian clothes. I like a nice short cut personally.