Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Camera Moments

Time to settle in and make a picture post. Last week was a constant on-the-go kind of deal for us here at The Edge. Some times I marvel at how busy three kids can keep you. I remember friends telling me that the older kids will wear you out. Oh, how I laughed at them because, to me? Nothing keeps you busier than a small infant/toddler. I have to apologize to those friends now because they were right! Older kids will keep you on the go and busier any day of the week.

On February 13th, The Man and I went to The Boy's school as he was having a Social. The parents were invited to come share fruit, cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream with their wonderful kids. It was a great time and I have to say this school really does a lot of parent participation. The tables had pretty pink table cloths and the kids were so excited to put on a party for us.

Go ahead and lick the screen. I'll wait. We should all smile with this much enthusiasm. Imagine how much better the world would be if we smiled so hard our eyes disappear. Don't forget to eat a cupcake and some ice cream before you do for the full effect!

There is nothing better for a 4 year old than parents beside you and a plate full of sweets. Heck, who am I kidding. That would be wonderful for this 37 year old, too.

I went with Makenna to City Hall on a field trip with her Challenge class. When I found out she was going, I asked if I could tag along and should she dress up? Her teacher welcomed me and said that dressing up was a great idea! She sent out the reminder email to all the parents and suggested that dressing up would be great if possible. Apparently, it wasn't possible for the majority. I was glad that I had encouraged Makenna to put her best foot forward. We had a great time as we met the mayor, clerk of court, town attorney, city manager, police chief, and others. We had a City Council meeting where the kids took sides and argued their point. After breaking for lunch...what? This was an all day trip? No one told me that??? ~sigh~ Back again after lunch for a mock trial. We had a large time and I am in awe of how this teacher had it all thought out and the kids were able to get the most out of the experience.

This is during the mock trial. We were pressed for time so the teacher took over the cross examination. There was 100% participation of all students. Even the parent tag-alongs (that would be me and another parent) were the jury. Fun!! Kudos to Mrs. M. for pulling off the coolest field trip.

This is my kid. My girl. My NJROTC cadet. We were heading to the Mardi Gras parade downtown so she could show off some serious marching skills.

I may have to frame this one. She was all business, Internets! We (the parade group) tried to make her smile by shouting her name but she kept it straight and narrow. I just want to bust when I see this picture I'm so proud of her! (Picture courtesy of Lee-Ann. She has a much better camera and just caught the perfect shot!)

What a week we had! This is why I blog, Internets. If you get pleasure from reading about The Edge, I'm thrilled. I do this for my family. So, they will know just how much I love them and are so proud of them! That, and I hate scrapbooking. Now, I get to sit and enjoy the day because base drills are going on (no violating rules here since it's been known to the public for weeks). I am going nowhere near the base as it will be locked down at some point today so no one can get on or off of it. Far be it from me to get stuck and not be able to leave! Besides, the truck is dirty on the inside and they're doing vehicle inspections. Time consuming and embarrassing if the guards see all the trash you forgot to get. Go on and have a good day, would you?


Mellie said...

dang but this whole picture entry made me smile!

loquita said...

It was a lot of fun to see what all of your kids are up to. :)

Roni said...

Now I want a cupcake...

THE Paige said...

ew! my pictures need to be deleted. at least the first one.

Busy Texas Dee said...

I love the pictures. The picture of the Boy reminds me of a face Sweet Pea makes. Looks like fun was had all the way around.

Bonita said...

I love Vitts smile! Looks like he had a lot of fun!
I can and i can't wait till i get to do school things with Brock.

Monogram Queen said...

I love all of the pics!!! Your family rocks Miss Hope!

Joe and Samantha said...

So great how involved you and hubs are. So many kids don't get that experience.

:) Makes my heart all warm that yours do!