Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Re-Cap, it what you will

I'm settling in with my coffee so I can bring everyone up to speed on what's been happening at The Edge. Hope you're all comfy and ready to be nosy!

I'd like to thank all who responded to my previous post. There have been no resolutions. At all. While I have prayed and thought and is time to tell myself I have done what I can do. You offered me so much insight and gave amazing advice. I have chosen to take your advice and just let it be. When the person(s) are ready to communicate...they will. I will go forward in the meantime and be ready when they are.

We've had a crazy week around here. Today is normally our day of worship and going to church. We are unable to do so because The Man is sick, The Boy is adjusting to a new dosage of medication (more on that in a later post), and Makenna twisted her ankle last night at a friend's house. We are one bunch of messed up people! We hate to miss church because it's something we need here as a family and as individuals, but things like this happen at times. (I am totally explaining this because my Mama will be calling and all about us not going to church and I wanted to let her know the deal so she can call concerned and not fussing! I love that woman.)

Let's see what's been going on here. Oh yes! The other day I was doing laundry for this family of five. I have a front loading washer and and top loading dryer. Am I backwards or what? I was leaned over the dryer taking out a load of pastels (pajama bottoms, "personables", play clothes) when I heard a "thunk". Uh oh. That couldn't be good. I found in the bottom of my dryer a makeup stick. One of those chunky pencil ones. Crap. I just knew it was probably electric blue or something like that because it was Paige's. I was scared to examine the clothes I had just taken out. The color on the stick said "clear glitter". I turned my head to look at my clothes and as I moved my head, I could see shimmer. The interior of the stick had melted completely all over our clothes. I had a sea of pastel material with glitter going on. It was right lovely. Yesterday, as I folded the clothes, glitter was everywhere. So, we shall be sparkly for a while! All I know is I am so relieved it was CLEAR and not some crazy funky color. If you locals see me out and about and I sparkle? It's all good.


We all know Goody's is going out of business. That's right sad because they offered a military discount and have some really cute stuff. My friends and I avoided going there until it got to 70-80% off. Neighbor Debbie went and did some re-con on her own to come back and report there was some awesome deals going on. Friday, after running some errands together, Neighbor Debbie, Carla, and myself headed to Goody's to see what it was all about.

We were loving the sales on jewelry and I was able to score some great things for a certain someone who lives here but shall remain nameless because she has a birthday coming up soon-ish.

We discovered they were even selling store fixtures! I gravitated to the clothes racks. See, I hang 90% of our clothes up to dry. Seriously. I have for years. I put towels, jeans, play clothes, and "personables" in the dryer. All shirts and dress pants are hung up. Some may say I'm doing the Green Thing by saving energy. Uh, yeah, sure. I'm saving my clothes from all the wear and tear that I can because I pass my children's clothes on and I want to preserve what we have!

Back to the clothes racks. I saw a small one that I just knew would work in my laundry room. It had wheels and was adjustable. I pushed that rack all over the store with the shirts I had found for Makenna and The Boy (got him some Sunday shirts for next year!). Did I care that I looked like a doofus? Nope. Carla decided she was going to get one of the massive Z-bottom racks. I don't have the space for one but she does in her garage. We both own cheaply made racks that fall over and fall apart on a regular basis. These bad boys we found at Goody's would last for-evah.

We went to check out and I almost fell over when she told me my clothing rack was 6 bucks. What???? I immediately begged Neighbor Debbie to go get another one for me. She was kind enough to do do. Carla was astounded to find that massive Z-bottom to be only 18 bucks. SCORE.

We had a large time figuring out how to get those racks apart and into Neighbor Debbie's Suburban for transport home. We laughed and hooted but managed to get them in and headed home. It was time to get kids from school so we all parted ways. Carla and I spoke a minute and decided that she really needed another Z-bottom. She has room in her garage(where her washer and dryer are) for two. She plans to purchase garment bags to store off season clothes on one.

We had a plan. We picked up kids and headed back to Goody's. She talked me into getting one my own self. Her point? "Hope, you won't always live in base housing and you'll regret it if you don't get one." I was talked into it. We had our kids with us and we looked around again to see if we had missed something. The Boy was riding the Z-bottoms like a scooter and we were having a large time. Good thing I took the Tahoe. Because of that, we knew how to break those racks down for transport and make them fit!

Did I mention the hangers? Oh my. I do love me some good hangers. The sturdy clear plastic ones you get from the store. Since I hang up so many things, hangers are always needed. They had bags and boxes of these hangers on sale for .65. You read that right, 65 cents. I got a bag and a box. I am in hanger heaven. I can't use them all as of yet, but they are ready and waiting when I can! LOVE good hangers!!!!

I am set now. The Man hung a shower rod in my laundry room beside the washer months ago and now I have my empty hangers lined up ready and waiting for me. I have two new racks that won't fall over with clothes hanging on them and I can move them at will. Stuff like this just thrills me! Does this make me cheap? For under 20 bucks, I got some major organization going on for my laundry. (I'm not saying the laundry room is all cleaned up but it's a start, right?)

I'm going to miss that store but am so glad I didn't miss out on some great deals! (My Z-bottom rack is dismantled in our storage room and I know it'll be used one day.)


Earlier this week I was having a conversation with Paige. I had an eyelash under my eye and she was trying to remove it for me. She tried a few times before she was able to finally get it. She said, "Awe, you have soft wrinkly skin like my Nana!" I just looked at her. She paused and burst out laughing and tried to make amends for what she said. It was too late. Damage was done. Face lift anyone? Not to diss my mother, but she IS 23 years (minus two weeks) older than I am. I told Paige she was aging me at a fast rate so it's her fault.


I have a picture post coming up for you in the next couple of days. The Man and I went to a Valentine social on the 13th at the The Boy's class where I managed to get some cute pictures. I went on a field trip with Makenna on Tuesday to City Hall. I remembered to take my camera and the teacher made me the honorary photographer. Paige marched in the Mardi Gras parade downtown yesterday and I managed to get a couple of good pictures of her.

As you can see, I haven't been sitting around or sulking about things. Who has time for that stuff? The Edge is a busy happening place and I don't know of anyone who could live here and have time to sit around much. Won't you come join us for some busy fun?


The family said...

I would lOVE to join you for the fun ...and the facelift.

THE Paige said...

What the heck Mama! Putting words in my mouth!
... I said it was soft like Nana's. Your mind put the wrinkly part in there. Gees.. Makin me look like a bad person out for all the Internet to see..

Miss Hope said...

So soft=wrinkly in my mind.

AndreaLeigh said...

I didn't know goody's was going out of business. but there are none down here. sounds like your scored.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

As more and more businesses go under in these difficult times, you find the bright side. Enjoy your hangers.

Anonymous said...

I will SO go with you for that facelift! Just what's next on my agenda now that the grays are gone!

Miss Ma'am and I scored large in the jewelry department over at Goodys too. JD was a bucket of laughs as I was explaining to her "a girl can never have too much jewelry" and she was grabbing up everything she loved and I would say "oh that's a little too gaudy (sp) for mommy" and she said "I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT" and then it would go right on in the cart. Planning to go back now that you've scored on some racks. They didn't have those marketed last we were there unless I completely overlooked. But anywho ... busy around the edge as it is around this corner I see. LOL maybe I'll start calling our place "around the corner."

Have a great week ahead, Miss Hope. Look forward always to these long updates from the edge.


Miss Hope said...

Now USS Ret., I LURVE me some flashy costume jewelry. The bigger the better! LOL

Sugar said...

Sounds like you got some awesome deals ( I love good hangers too). Congrats on the award. It is well deserved. I love visiting your blog. It always makes me smile! You rock Miss Hope!

Lishak said...

How cool is that? I love good hangers too! A organized laundry room is always a blessing to have. I hope you guys feel better.
I will be looking forward to your picture post. You know I love me a good pic post! :)

Neighbor Debbie said...

All I can say is it is never a dull moment around you girl. I get a bit skeered when we go out shoppin.

Mellie said...

Miss Hope, I'm thinking of coming a few days early for my now annual visit to see you just so I can experience a day of shopping with you! And you can tell THE Paige that after age 25 soft = wrinkly and should therefore be deleted from one's vocab.

Bonita said...

i love goodys and i'm going to miss it too. We scored at goodys too, i thought i'd be smart and get Brock shoes a size bigger little did i know he was ready for that size.
And im glad that you brought your camera to the parade. It was Brocks first parade and i didn't think to bring mine! Airhead moment.

Kristi said...

I am so jealous of your clothes racks...i would love something like that. I would have no where to put it since my laundry room is teeny tiny, barely fits my washer and dryer, but "someday" i could use them. and for that price? Oh yeah! Lovin that!

Monogram Queen said...

She would have a field day with my face ha ha!!!

I haven't been to Goody's in ages but I used to love them. Sorry they will be no more!
However I am all giddy for your awesome deals!!!!

Mary Q Contrarie said...

So glad that it was clear glitter. I had to learn how to get ink out of clothes after my dear son left a ball point pen in his jean pockets...

I was fortunant enough to get most of it out.