Wednesday, February 04, 2009

For the Most Part

Well now, it appears that for the most part, we are all in agreement on that hair issue. I think I can safely say that as long as it's neat, out of the eyes, and NO HEAD JERKING? We're all smooth. I have to say I truly appreciate all the comments you shared with us. I do believe I had a few lurkers pop up and let their voices be heard. You go, Lurkers! You can do that more often, ya know. I truly don't mind.

I can understand the argument about letting a kid win that one battle. As long as they stay away from the drugs, alcohol, and all that could ruin their lives...we should be good. I might have to disagree with that one, but that's just me. Paige was right. I am old school.

Remember back in the 80's, the group Berlin? The chick had blonde hair with black tips on the end? Man, I wanted to do my hair like that so bad. I begged my Mama to let me do that and she flat out refused. Now, I have a daughter who doesn't want subtle colors up in her pretty blonde head. Oh, no. She wants a bright vivid pink. Or blue. Or red. Thank you, LORD, she's in NJROTC and that stuff isn't allowed. I will no longer fuss about that has helped save my sanity.

An update on The Boy, if you don't mind. He finally earned his banana split! Now he's working on five more days of stickers so he can score a trip to the waterfront park to play until he drops. The Man took him after supper Monday night to enjoy his reward. The Son*c was out of bananas. Awe, man. Bless my baby's heart. When The Man asked if a hot fudge sundae would do, and it was discovered that chocolate was involved? Life was good. Makenna scored a ride on this trip. She informed us she NEVER gets in trouble at school. This makes it kind of hard for us. We have to explain to her that, no, she doesn't get in trouble at school. We go on to explain how The Boy has to have incentive with the issues he has. She was finally convinced with what we were saying. Then, my baby spoke up and said he wanted her to go with them. It was just too sweet that he was thinking of her and wanted her to go. So, the three of them sat on the second row of the truck, slurped down some sundaes, and watched a movie. They were hardly gone an hour, but we had two happy babies when they got home. Rewards are so cool!!

We are getting ready to hit the medication highway again. I just don't get it! Why isn't the medication working any more? He's having issues with listening and impulses at school again. We're peeling him off of the ceiling to sit down at the supper table. I honestly believe the kid is related to Superman and has some super hyper metabolism flowing through his veins. We see Doctor M on the meds in a couple of Mondays. This is just so durn frustrating. This medication worked perfectly for a month. We go to South Carolina for Christmas, come back, and it's no good? I just need to understand.

The Man cooked supper last night. I know! I've already been fussed at because I didn't take any pictures. He's a good guy, that man of mine. While we were shopping for groceries, he saw something and wanted to try it. I paused for a moment in the commissary, looked at him, and decided to get real enthusiastic over it. Wouldn't you? I think we Moms/Wives tend to get territorial over things some times. No one can take care of our babies like we can. No one can run our households like WE can. I have groaned and moaned over the food planning responsibilities and here was my husband. Willing to take on a meal. I have learned slowly but surely to just let go a little bit. I encouraged him to take that wheel. It was a good supper. He decided to make some Chicken Marsala. It's not my first choice on the menu, but I truly enjoyed the pasta! A pizza was cooked in case it didn't go over well. Nothing was left over and no one left the table hungry. I hope he will continue to take a meal a pay period. He enjoys cooking and I think it's great he wants to help me do my "duties". I brag that he's my baker. That man loves to whip up something sweet. That's not so great on the hips, since I can't turn down a good sweet. The aisle with all the baking stuff is his favorite aisle in the store.

Miss Rose is on vacation this week. The Boy seems okay with this as she talked with him about it last week. I feel kind of guilty because I'm welcoming the break. Hopefully, he won't lose any progress in the two weeks between sessions. I have to admit, she's done wonders with my kid.

The next two days promise to be a little busier. Tomorrow, Makenna has an appointment with a dermatologist. She has a mole on her neck that I just don't like. This guy is supposed to specialize in pediatrics and such. I'll be feeling it out before I let him touch her neck.

Friday is Makenna's birthday! She's really excited about it. I really don't have anything planned, but you know we'll do something to celebrate...if only on a small scale.

Let's go get a day started, shall we? Lurkers? Keep on commenting!


Krys72599 said...

YAY! We made it to the banana split/fudge sundae!!! With a water park in the not-too-distant future? Lucky boy!
Let it go, Miss Hope, let it go! If F wants to do a meal once in a while, repeat after me: "Yes, thank you! Could you carry the laundry down for me, too, while you're at it? And by the by, I need to darn some socks..."
Oh, sorry, you can stop after the "Yes, thank you!" (Sorry, Man on the Edge! I got carried away!)
And Happy Early B'day to Miss Makenna!

I Am Boymom said...

Laughing about the hair thing! My bro-in-law is a deputy and INSISTS that his son (9 yrs old) keeps his hair high and tight, military style. Nephew wants to grow it out and dress all skater-like. Sister asked me what I thought...we don't have that battle at my house because I figure if growing their hair is the worst thing they do to show their rebellious nature then I can deal with that.

I am really paying attention to the Boy's progress, we are struggling with my oldest and a issue of staying focused and on task. Trying to figure out what we need to do at this point. You give some good insight. Glad he finally earned his sundae, he's learning some good life lessons! I love that he shared his success with his sister.

I love that Man ccoked dinner, but know what you mean about letting go, mine completely WIPES OUT the kitchen when he dooks 2 times a year, so it's kind of hard to get excited when I know what awaits me after dinner!

And Happy Birthday to Makenna, not sure I will make it back before Friday!

I Am Boymom said...

When he dooks 2 times a year?? Nice typing, Boymom! No...when he COOKS 2 times a year. The other mispelled word is just too funny and too weird to think about!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

YAY!! Vitt! I'm so happy for him!!!
Tell him we said to keep up the good work!!!

Celebrate Little Miss Thang this week!! Yay birthdays are always great!! I look forward to any cool pics you get!!

Take care and make sure your taking "you" time in all of this roller coastering of life because seriously where would we all be if we didn't have you, right!!?

Bonita said...

That is great that he cooked for you guys! I can get mine to whip up a fine pizza.
Congrats to ur little man! Hope he keeps it up.
Is Tricare going to cover Makenna? Cause i've always wanted to get mine removed on my back.
Anyways Happy Birthday to the Brithday girl on Friday!

Michelle said...

Good for Vitt...and Mak...

Keep taking some of the pressure off Fred...good choice in meal too.

Happy Birthday Makenna!!!!!

Hope...I so enjoyed our phone time today.

Monogram Queen said...

I meant to tell you how PRETTY you are Hope!

That's so sweet that he wanted Makenna to join them. I'm sure you'll get it all figured out but I would be very puzzled/frustrated about the meds too! Bless you.
My Man cooks, does laundry, he doesn't tidy up as much as i'd like but hey you gotta choose your battles sometimes. Isn't it cute how when we prais them to the high heavens for something like cooking (to ensure it will happen again) they preen like roosters, at least mine does!!!
Yay for lurkers. I don't think i've had any in awhile.

Busy Texas Dee said...

Yeah. I'm glad he finally got his reward. I know it gets frustrating for you when the meds stop working but as long as you keep on top of it it will all work out in the end. Keep up the good work.

I think it's great the the Man wanted to fix super. I love it when someone else wants to take over my kitchen (what kitchen I have right now) and cook. I have always hated cooking. Not that I can't cook. I just hate it. The boys are the ones that never minded cooking growing up. My honey doesn't cook much because he is concentrating on getting the house done. So I don't get a break too often. Ashley will step in and give me a break once in a while. Usually during the week because on the weekends she is helping with the remodeling.

Boy a birthday coming up already? I'm not ready for birthday's. This year is already going by too fast. Guess I better get on the ball and get something sent to her.

C said...

I just saw this. I am so not the person to be commenting about crazy hair (well, and being a good influence). Or tattoos. Or piercings. (I've done it all, and think I turned out OK.)

But as a parent, now, I'm going to have to agree with you on the NJROTC thing. That's gotta be helpful when you've got a teenager.

Lishak said...

Is that Chicken Marsala the kind from Macaroni Grill? Hubby and I saw that in the store and decided to try it too. Except we never got around to making it and ran out of time!
Congrats to the boy. What an exciting thing icecream is!!!! :)

AndreaLeigh said...

i'm sorry to hear the boy's meds aren't working any longer. but i'm so glad something is happening for you. at least you have a support team in place for him and yourself. i am praying that the doc will find just the right thing.

Neighbor Debbie said...

Congratulations Vitt. I know how dissapointed he was last week. It is great that he did earn it this week. With the hair color thing I thought it was a good comment when Miss Paige was talking about it and I jumped in with Ya cant have it if ur in NJROTC. I so love that class. It has helped me a bit with my #3 child Britt. As for the med thing #4 (Sean) has a Dr. Appt today to get his meds tweaked. But this is the first time in 4 years we have had to do anything with them. But I think he has matured a bit and now with the middle school pressure he needs a bit more. So I guess we will see.