Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Did We Move?

Seriously. Did someone move the whole North American continent further south? Kind of shift us during the night when we weren't paying attention?

My child wore a skort, short sleeve shirt, and flip flops to school today. Because it was over 80 degrees!!!!! And it's November!!!!!!!

It is the time to be wearing sweaters. Long pants. Cute jackets. Snazzy looking dark colored shoes, for crying out loud.

I went to Myrtle Beach this past weekend out to supper for my cousin's birthday. BTW...if you ever get a chance to hit Margueritaville it. Fun place. It's evening. It should be very very cool. We're barely able to wear long sleeves. Argh. Yankees were wearing barely there clothing. They laughed at us. Humph.

This just isn't cool. Literally.

Let me know if any of you find out where we are now located.

1 comment:

Crazy Me said...

You must live next door to me because this HOT November wether is freakishly weird!!