Thursday, November 24, 2005

Don't Ask Me

And I mean it. They (being my family) need not ask me to say what I'm thankful for at our dinner tomorrow. After being at a doctor's office every single day this week and all three kids having varying stages of bronchitis? Let's share the love, babies! Someone asked me tonight what my plans were. Excuse me? Why, I'm going home. I'm gonna dope up my kids. I'm going to duct tape them to their beds. I'm going to run screaming into the woods never to be seen again. That's what I'm going to do.

I'm going tomorrow. You bet I am. Why? Because I don't have to go but a few miles to get there. I won't have to cook. There will be someone there to entertain the ill butt child who can't talk and just hates the world right now. (That would be Vitt) I'm wearing jogging pants and if you mess with me enough, you can forget the makeup.

And get this. I'm farming the kids out to my mom tomorrow night so my sister in law and I can get up and go fight the masses on Black Friday. We've done it for 10 years now and I'm going again. Does she realize that Vitt has never spent the night away from me in his whole life? Nope. Am I going to remind her? Nope. I'm going to put all the medicine in a bag and tell her to just hand it out. Someone will eventually get well.

I'm going to fix the biggest pot of coffee I can. I'm gonna fill my Bubba Keg to the brim with it. I'm heading out at 4 a.m. and don't look for me til afternoon sometime. And if I find something I like for me.....I'm gonna buy it. Dangit. (within reason of course)

I'm gonna miss my husband dreadfully. This will be the first T-day we've missed as a couple. FTN. Okay...I feel a little bit better for saying that. And I will eventually deal with the fact that I haven't seen him in a month and won't see him until Christmas. And if I can't? Crap. I'll just pop an extra lexapro here and there.

Bring that turkey on. Mama is wearing elastic waist pants.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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