Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mission Accomplished

And what a mission it was. We arrived at SuperWalmart at 2:40 a.m. with cappucinos in tow. The rookie had been briefed and was all excited to take part. I found my LF in electronics and we chatted for a few and got the game plan set. We all separated to go take up our stations. Well, I kinda took the long way around. I picked up a few things I needed and ambled back to speak to LF again. She's our general and she was upset that I wasn't at my battle station. I blew her off.

All I gotta say is Thank God for cell phones!! We were constantly calling each other to see what was going on. At 3 a.m.? Not a durn thing. My hubby called at around 3:40 a.m. when he did rounds (he had duty). That was weird to be talking to him in the middle of the night in Walmart. Never said I was normal.

The closer it got to 5 a.m., the bigger the crowd got. I saw a few people I knew and we started doing some last minute bartering. You get this for me, I'll get this for you and we'll meet at the front. What a sweet deal! I ran into my ex sister in law's sister and I got some stuff for her and she left to hit Best Buy and picked up some stuff for me. Man, it helps to know people. That cousin of mine didn't show to help out and I'm completely ill with him. I may let him slide since he worked from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thanksgiving Day.

The funniest thing of the day? My Sister in law was sent with TWO buggies to get two televisions. Then we found out the portable dvd players were near her and so she was responsible for getting five of those. Why is that funny? Because she's so tiny and short ...the smallest one out of the group..and here she is getting the biggest stuff. She was a sight to behold pulling those two buggies to meet me. Wish I had a camera. While she was waiting, a group of guys came in that had been at a nightclub. They were stopping in to get some snacks and had no clue about the sale. (O' to be young and not care about saving a buck). She tried to convince them to stay and help her lift the t.v.s. Too bad they were basically drunk and probably would have passed out by 5 a.m.

The rookie? She did okay. She was supposed to get a computer, but when people started grabbing, she got overwhelmed and missed out. That's okay. She's new. We'll know next year to put LF or my SIL in a bulldog position. They have no qualms about fighting for a deal.

Me? I made friends with the floor workers who were guard doggin the stuff. We weren't allowed to touch it until 5 on the dot. (okay, so it was more like 4:50, but who cares now?) One worker would go get some of what I wanted and put it right beside me so I could get it and not miss out. That's me...the smooth talker.

We did so well at Walmart that we headed to Target and got there 6 minutes before they opened at 6 a.m. There was a line of people all the way around the building that had been waiting for ages and we kind of sidled up around 5:59 a.m. and waited to go in at the front. Some security guy tried to stop us (along with about 100 more latecomers). Uh, yeah right, Jack. Back up. All is fair and love and shopping and deals.

Our breakfast was great and it felt like it was 11:30 instead of 7 a.m. We had more to do and set off again. Little did I know that my Sister in Law was sick!!! She had been feeling bad, but breakfast sent her over the edge. I was driving around looking for a parking place when she said...get one quick!! I'm going to throw up!!! I said....HOLD UP....I'm getting there! Don't throw up in my van, man!! When I got in the parking place, she jumped out, ran to the front of the van and ..well, you know. I stayed in the van with windows up because if I had heard....I'd have been right beside her. Weak stomach, you know.

This is one tough woman. She got right up and said let's go. I told her I would take her home. No way...there was shopping to be done. She was so pale and shaky, but determined to get her list done. And she did. She passed out on the way home and probably doesn't even remember unloading the goods at Santa's hideout..a.k.a. Grandma's house. I haven't called to check on her because I know if it were me....I'd be sleeping that mess off.

So it was a successful battle for the team again. We were high on good deals and signing credit card slips. What a cramp in my wrist!!! (just kidding, honey...we can still pay the light bill)

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Crazy Me said...

Wow!! I thought getting up at 3:30 was early!! Impressive.