Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Madness is This?

I fight sickness all last week with all three kids. I make it through the weekend and basically get them well again.

I wake up this morning and I have that stupid blankety blank blank blank stomach virus my sis in law had Friday. How fair is that I ask you!

Guess who wasn't sick? Oh yeah, that boy took full advantage of his mom until sis in law called and found out I was sick and came to get him right away. (I love her).

Good thing this is only a 24 hour kind of deal. I'll drop a few pounds, get swimmy headed until tomorrow morning sometime. I'm blonde already...so a little dizziness can't hurt. Right?


Crazy Me said...

Ewww ... I hate being sick to my stomach. It's awful!! (((HUGS))) I hope you feel better soon!!

Guitar Woman said...

Sorry 2 hear u got sick 2. That sucks, man. Hope u feel better!