Thursday, November 17, 2005

What I Want to be When I Grow Up

My husband says all the time that he's got to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up....meaning what on earth is he going to do when he retires from the military. I figure since he's a nuclear electrician he might can install ceiling fans for a living? Then again, they don't have ceiling fans on the boat so who knows?

I look at my kids all the time and wonder what they're going to end up doing with their lives. Some people brag that they want their kid to grow up to be president. I don't think so. People talk too much smack about people in power but wouldn't want the job if it was offered to them on a silver platter. If I had to pick one of my kids for that position, I'd pick Paige. Her logic is outstanding and she's one smart cookie. BUT...and I repeat BUT...some head of state or foreign dignitary can piss her off and if that sister is PMS'ing....well, let's just say I'd hate to be them.

Paige can't decide if she wants to be an ob/gyn or a lawyer. An ob/gyn because she remembers me being pregnant with both Makenna and Vitt and she watched all those shows on TLC and TDC know the birthin' shows? They are like crack to the pregnant woman and I promise you I've not watched a one when I wasn't pregnant. I told her to go for it and minor in plastic surgery because I would need it by then. She's thinking lawyer because the injustice in this world towards kids really sets her off. She wants to bang that gavel and throw some lowlife scum in jail. (think PMS again, people) I've finally decided to sit back and just see where this train ride is going. I don't care what she does as long as it's legal and I got a key to the poolhouse.

Makenna. Sweet Makenna. The kid is so smart and just plain beautiful. But, man, is she lazy. I told her the other day she would have to marry a rich man because she wasn't living with me forever. She just smiles this madonna smile she has and informs me that she is going to be superstar and makes lots and lots of money and then she'll pay for me to go somewhere to lose weight so I can be a supermodel when she decides to do that because supermodels are super skinny, you know. Works for me. I'm going to enjoy seeing where my free thinking artistic sprite ends up making her mark on this world.

Vitt. Lord, help me. Kid loves to work. Hide your tools, because if he can find them, I can guarantee he's going to be working on something that's sitting still. He loves to help with housework (his sisters need to take lessons) I got that boy helping empty the dishwasher and loading. Doing laundry with me...he does a heck of a job putting clothes in the dryer. Now if he would leave the door closed so they would dry...we'd be set. He loves a pen. I have to hide those because he'll have marks everywhere he has bare skin. And help us if he finds the plunger because he's gonna work on that commode until something happens...good or bad. So, I figure he'll be a carpenter like his Papa......or a tattoo artist....or a plumber. His dad says he's going to play a major sport and make big money and give us front row seats to whatever he's playing. We'll see. That one is really going to be a surprise. Knowing my luck, he'll join the military and I won't ever get his butt home for a holiday again.

I know I had big plans for myself growing up. I had awesome grades. I don't know what happened. Well, yes, I do. I became a mom. I gave up my job at the hospital because I had a premature baby who barely weighed 4 lbs by the time my maternity leave was up. I've been home ever since and haven't looked back. So, I guess you could say my kids are my career right now. And that's just fine. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...and they don't realize it, but they wouldn't either. Vitt will be starting school before I know it and then what do I do?

I guess I better figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

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Crazy Me said...

I wanted to be an Oscar Award winning actress and used to practice my acceptance speech in the mirror. Sadly, I'm in advertising. Huh? How did THAT happen?!!