Monday, November 14, 2005

Veteran's Day

In my haste to complain about the military, I totally disregarded Veteran's Day. You might think I'm contradicting myself. I'm not. I have complete respect for those serving our country...every man and woman. They can't help they have turds for bosses and have to do stupid stuff sometimes.

First I want to thank my Grandaddy. He served in WWII as a young man. He squatted in trenches in freezing weather and as a result, he got frostbite on both his feet. As he lay in the infirmary, he developed gangrene in both feet and the doctors wanted to amputate both legs from the knee down. He refused. This doctor came around to talk to him and told him there was this experimental drug that had just come out and he wanted to try it on Grandaddy. He agreed to be a guinea pig. Thank you, Grandaddy for trying penicillan. Because he did this, he walked on both feet until that last stroke took him down. Those feet may not have worked perfectly at the end and that cane saved his butt a few times, but he walk he did on his own two feet. He's been gone almost 4 years and I miss him still.

Thank you Daddy, for going to that place called Vietnam. You were so young and my Grandma prayed every day for your safe return. And return you did, physically and mentally whole. I'm so sorry that almost as soon as you got back, you had to attend your best friend's funeral who wasn't so lucky. He suffered alot, but his faith kept him strong. But, he can seriously spook you out. There have been many times we've been sitting there and all of a sudden he will say "Chopper" and sure enough, we'd hear one a few minutes later. He respects the movie Forrest Gump...says the 'Nam scenes were well executed. He didn't come home with alcohol or drugs. That was a miracle in itself. Thank you, Daddy.

Thank you, Mary (Fred's cousin). You've gone on a second deployment, leaving behind your beautiful baby girl in the care of someone who tries to erase you from her mind. You've shown me the coolest pictures and I just can't fathom the incredibly hard job you face day in and out. You have my total respect. You are one tough cookie.***

Thank you to my husband. It's been so hard missing this year of our son's life, but rest assured.....he's waiting for you to come home where I will then have to surgically extract him from your butt before it's over with. You've dedicated a large part of your life to our country and no one on this earth could be more proud of you than I am. Nope, not even your Mama. (No disrespect intended, Mrs. M)

There are so many more I could thank, but who wants to read for that long? I have nothing but the highest respect for all of those who serve in all our branches of service. Each job is important and to see you function as a total unit is a sight to behold. Simply put....You all ROCK and I thank every single one of you!!!

*** As I was writing about Mary, I recieved an IM from my brother-in-law telling me that Mary is now home and has that baby girl back in her arms. WELCOME HOME, MARY!! We love you, girl!!!

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