Sunday, January 15, 2006

Are YOU Getting Enough Bran?

Are you getting enough bran in your diet? Makenna is.

Makenna is a great eater. I don't know how the kid does it. She is tall and lanky and eats like a horse. I pray she'll stay this way and her metabolism will continue to be her friend. (unlike her mother and sister) It probably helps that she's never still and we now all know all the ballet steps that she knows since that's ALL she does all the time. It will wear anyone out to be around her because she's always dancing.

The other morning before schook, Makenna decided she was STARVING. I buy all kinds of cereal...good...bad...high sugar. She wanted Raisin Bran. Loves it. I fix her personal bowl and go get dressed. Midway through she comes to me and asks if she can have another bowl, she's really really really starving. I hesitate and decided..."Why not?"

Paige walked through the living room and saw Makenna eating. She started fussing about how slow she was and she was never going to finish that bowl. Makenna informed her that it was her SECOND bowl, thank you very much. Paige started laughing and told her she was going to be pooping all day long. Makenna sniffed and basically did the "PFT" * at her sister. She tends not to believe Paige most of the time.

That evening I was in the bathroom with Makenna as she got dressed for bed. She said in this amazed voice..."Mama! I lived in the bathroom all day today. I'm not gonna eat Raisin Bran again for a year! My butt is tired."

Now when Paige tells her something, she takes a second look...not sure if it's the truth or not, but storing the information for future reference.

Man, it's gotta suck being the little sister.

* PFT- have given this before but will again. This is the sound females make in disbelief or bad humor. Go ahead..say it out loud. You'll know what I mean.

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Crazy Me said...

PFT ... a constant source of irritation to my boy. I can't help it sometimes. It just comes out!