Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Typical Morning in My Life......

Cast of characters:
Vitt (silent but cute part)

We open with the minutes flying by. We need to get on the road to school so the threat of tardies isn't a reality.

Me: Makenna, would you please go look in the clean clothes and get me a pair of jogging pants for Vitt? Hurry, we gotta go!

Makenna slowly walks to the laundry room. She forgets what she went for by the time she has walked 15 feet. She brings back a washcloth. I'm sitting on the floor changing Vitt's diaper and waiting on her.

Makenna: Here you go, Mama.

Paige: Makenna, you idiot. Mama said PANTS. You are so slow and lazy. You better hope you grow up and marry a rich man.

Makenna: I'm gonna be a supermodel, Sissy. I'm going to be rich.

Paige: *snorts* Little do you know. Supermodels don't make alot of money.

I break in at this point to mutter to Paige: Uh, yeah, they do, Paige. They make loads of cash to stand there.

Makenna: See there! I will be rich and when I am, I'm going to buy Mama a house!

Paige: No, you're not! I am!!! I'm going to buy Mama a house because I'm going to be a doctor AND a lawyer!!!!

Makenna: You can buy the furniture. I'm going to be richer so I'm gonna buy Mama a house.

Paige: Nu uh. I'm buying the house!

Makenna: Uh huh, I will too buy the house!!

Paige: I know you didn't just uh huh my nu uh.

Makenna: Oh yes I did and I'll do it again! uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh

Me: LADIES!!! Just put the money in an account. I'll take it from there. Now go load up and let's get out of here!!!!!!

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Crazy Me said...

Hey, at least they want to buy you something! If they need someone to spend their future earnings on, send them my way. I think that's the best way to break up that fight!! LOL!