Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wit? Sarcasm? or just another -Ism?

Ah, sweet Paige.

She had a hard time with her dad last week. There was a serious deal between them that she forbid me to blog about because she's serious about privacy...well, hers to be exact. We'll just keep mum about all I've written so far, okay?

She refused to go see him this past weekend due to what happened. He's a spiteful sort and took Makenna and his stepsons to the brand spanking new Chucky Cheese that opened. He made the comment to me ..so that I could tell Paige...that if she had done right, she would have gotten to go also. I relay the message.

That day Paige, Vitt, and I went shopping. There was a HUGE brassiere sale going on at well known department store ( I'm like Oprah..if you don't pay me, I don't advertise for you). I was determined that she have some really good ones since she has P.E. this nine weeks in school. Man, she would kill me for telling you guys this. Our mission was successful and she was prepared to start back to school.

After I relayed the message to her she turned and walked to her room. Five minutes later she comes back and says:

"If I had to choose between going to my dad's or going shopping for bras, I'd still choose bras....they give me more support than my dad."

Now I can't resist. For all those fans of the television show: That 70's Show : I will now say.....


That sister gives a whole new meaning to the old saying: "a woman scorned"

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Crazy Me said...

Awesome! That kid is going to be the first woman president some day!