Sunday, January 01, 2006

Yet Another Paige-ism

My baby. My sweet, smart, incredibly hard thinking baby.

Fred picked up the HUGE book that has the Chronicles of Narnia. There's something like 7 stories and she has dug in and intends to read it all before school starts back for 2006. Yeah, she really will do it, too.

So, she's reading the first book and it drives me crazy because she has to discuss her thoughts on books she's reading...even if I have no idea what she's talking about. She stops explaining everything and decides to take a small break. Her mind is on the Bible and how this story relates to it. Keep in mind she's been going to church since she was an infant, so she's pretty up to speed on the Big Book.

On the T.V. the news is on. They are talking about the cabs at the beach that are participating in the Safe Drive Home. They will take drunks home for free instead of them getting on the road driving. Capital idea I believe. The number for one was 777-4444. She asked me why it was a number so easy. I replied that it would be easy for drunks and bartenders to remember. She nods in agreement. She then decided to go into left field for a moment and made the comment that a number one time was 666-6666. I said no, she was mistaken, that no one would use that number that I know of. She asked me why that was the devil's number. I said that 666 was the devil's number and I would have to look it up so that I wouldn't tell her the wrong thing.

She sat there for about 10 seconds and again said, "So 666 is the devil's number, right?" I answered yes, that was my understanding. Then I get........

"So what's God's number?"

And then...........

"Never mind, it's probably busy anyway."


Jacinda said...

I love reading these stories about your kids!

Crazy Me said...

I agree with jacinda.

Guitar Woman said...

Paige just KILLS me!!! One thing you just DON'T do is underestimate her.