Sunday, January 01, 2006

Fa la la la la and old acquaintances and all that rot

Well, it's over and done for another whole year.

Christmas was amazing this year and somewhat different. I've never had a houseguest during that time and Fred's brother was great. He was the perfect houseguest. Didn't make any trouble..was great to get along with. This was the 4th time I've seen him in person and I hope he comes back next year. Fred was a new guy being home with family and having a sibling around. I even stepped up and in my Mother in Law's shoes and made him wear his knee brace and watched his sweet intake (he's a diabetic).

The kids scored bigtime. It seriously looks like Toys R Us threw up in my living room and that's just Vitt's stuff. Paige's karaoke machine and a few other things are stacked over on the side. When she gets her act together and drops the attitude and cleans her room, she can have full access to them. Yeah, I'm the world's worst mother. I'm sure we'll all recover from that. Makenna got her beloved Gameboy SP. We haven't really seen her since.

The week following Christmas was so busy, I can't believe how much we got done in such a short time. We all went to Virginia Tuesday evening since Fred had to muster and work for a short period Wednesday. Paige and I needed new military I.D.'s since ours expired this month. Didn't realize until we got there that they had expired the 3rd of December instead of the 31st like I thought. Mr. Dude in charge wondered why we didn't go somewhere down here and get them done. I informed him that I was still new to all of this and since they were expired, I probably couldn't get on a base down here without my sponsor (that being Fred). Crap on it. It's done and over with. Six hour drive one way for 30 minutes worth of trouble. Kids dug the hotel room as they always do and we got to order room service this time for breakfast. They are doing things I haven't done til my 30's. No fair.

We got back around 1:00 a.m. Wednesday night or would that be Thursday morning? Anyway, all day Thursday was spent dealing with the bank and get that man a new car. Mission successful. Can't believe how easily it went and Mama (that being me) got us an interest rate of 5.75%, baby. Yeah! Friday was spent changing the tags over from the other car and getting all of Fred's stuff packed up. I still believe that it's too sporty for him and he gets serious attitude when he's driving it. The heated leather seat warmers might have been overkill.

Finally got a chance to put the Christmas decorations away on Friday. Got a funny feeling because next year we'll have a tree up in Georgia. I know I'm going to put one up here, too, since we'll actually be here for the big event, but how do I split it all up? Where do I put up the handmade decorations that I lovingly wrap in tissue paper every year to preserve them? It was a weird moment for me until I decided to do as cousin Scarlett did....I'll think about it tomorrow...or next November.

So, it was a good Christmas all the way around. Hated to see Fred leave to go back yesterday. He's rung in the New Year on a submarine and me with 3 kids. We went over to my brother's house earlier to do some fireworks. Vitt got introduced to the sparkler. Big Mistake. I'm sure I'm going to find tiny burn holes in his clothes tomorrow. Kid was a maniac with them. Oh, and he can walk under the new trampoline without bending over and he believes that is the coolest thing ever.

Got a few funny things to write about later. Just wanted to do a quick update and let everyone know that we're still alive over here. Just don't hurt your jaw yawning over my exciting life.

Am trying to figure out how to post a picture. Pro D requested a pic of Makenna now snaggletoothed and adorable. Oh yeah, we're definitely not entering any pageants any time soon. (Thank goodness!)

Happy New Year and am sending wishes for a great 2006


Crazy Me said...

Sounds like you had a good time.

Guitar Woman said...

I'm really glad Fred got to come home. Comment on the interest rate on his new car: "You go, girl!" I bet Cat Navy is just too cool in his new ride.....or should I say HOT? heated seats? girl, pleeeeaaase!