Monday, January 09, 2006

What Kind of Blog?

When I started this thing called a blog, I didn't know what direction it would take. As I've wrote post after post, I realize that it does indeed center around my kids for the most part. Alot of people can't stand "mommy blogs" and that's okay with me. Some of the stuff I write might convince some of those out there who don't have children to definitely not have them. Others are nodding their heads in agreement with the stuff I have to deal with. Even more are out there shaking their heads in horror....hoping and praying their kids don't do some of the stuff mine have.

Being a stay at home mom means I don't have a boss to gripe about. I don't have the traffic woes of some (shoutout to Crazy Me on that one). I don't have to deal with a daycare. I don't have to worry about missing work for any reason.

I do have to worry about what happens when I get sick and I'm the only one here taking care of the juvenile deliquents. I do have to worry about getting up and starting the day on time. I have to worry about just about everything going on around here.

So if I post about something they do funny...or quirky....or even irritating, be grateful. There are SO many other things I could vent about. I think my husband thinks I ought to keep my mouth shut about certain things that will remain nameless but has to do with anchors and saluting and bell bottom uniforms. And I will respect him on this...until they do something else to piss me off.

I finally figured it out after all that rambling up above. This is a Hope Blog. There's no telling what you'll get. Keeps people on their toes.


Crazy Me said...

I love your blog! You shouldn't change a thing!

starbldr said...

I love reading your blog. It's real and filled with love for your family.

Marlene's Madness said...

I just have to say this, girl. You just gotta take this blog, "and make it your own." Sorry for the flashback! (grin)