Monday, January 09, 2006

Monkey See Monkey Do

Gonna make this as short as I can.

Decided the other day to finally go through my stack of mail and start shredding stuff that didn't need to be cluttering up my life. I think I do this around twice a year. It was time.

I get the shredder, put it on top of the trashcan and start going. Makenna LOVES the shredder. Thinks it's the coolest thing and begged for me to let her. I agreed (because it's safe and her fingers couldn't get in it) if she cleaned up the living room. Yeah, we've already established that I'm evil. Off she goes to straighten and I start putting some envelopes to the side for her. She doesn't care what she shreds, she just loves doing it.

Meantime, my son comes over to check out what Mom is doing. I shoo him back into the living room to watch the Wiggles.

Here comes Makenna. That is one happy girl doing her shreddin thang. Here comes Vitt. He wants to participate. He knows what to do since he's watched us do it. Okay, with supervision, he gets to do one or two.

Shredder stops working. I ask Mak to get me a butter knife. Methinks there's too much paper in one side. I turn off shredder, sit on floor and proceed to "operate". My supervisor...A.K.A. Vitt....squats down to watch.

Shredder is back working. Makenna is sitting in her Bratz chair working with her stack. I turn my back for ONE SECOND.

Vitt has gone to the silverware drawer and gotten himself a knife and STUCK IT IN THE SHREDDER. Oh, man, is that an awful noise or what? Freaked me out. I start hollering. He's running wide open because he KNEW he did something not quite right.

I turned the shredder off. I could not get the knife out. I had to sit on the floor with both my feet on the shredder and both hands on the knife and pull it out.

Knife had one tiny dent. Shredder still worked fine.

Nerves might recover.

One day.

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Crazy Me said...

Every time I start shredding, the cats go nuts and begin attacking the paper as it goes down. It's pretty funny!