Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Few things going on....

Life is puttering right along for Miss Hope in Jawja Land. It's hotter than blazes right now. We are all awaiting a magical cool front to come through and provide some kind of relief. ANY kind of relief. Then, we turn on the television and see stupid hurricanes forming. YaY. Nothing like a good evacuation to get the blood all stirred up. Thing is? If we ever have to do that? I'll have a caravan behind me heading to South Carolina because there's too many gals here with kids with no family near enough to run to. It's all good. My mother knows how to cook for an army. Too bad the menfolk would miss out on that good cooking because they have to stay here and man the fort.

Let's see if I can recall anything interesting happening around here......

Oh! Last night we put Vitt to bed and truly thought he was asleep. Nope. Our neighbor was outside with a friend working on his motorcycle. Almost right in front of Vitt's window. They weren't loud and rude about it at all. But, my son had pulled his mini blinds up and was standing in the window on the windowsill watching and supervising from the inside. Yeah. I love my neighbor (who I call my extra son). He put the bike up for the evening so Vitt would go on to bed.

Let me talk about Paige a minute. Talk about a firecracker. The other day she was voted to be a classroom representative for the student body at school. This was HUGE for her as she went against a few friends. Now, I must mention Barry. This boy is going far. He loves politics with a passion. We met him at open house with his mother before school started. He and Paige grinned at each other while the parents made small talk. Apparently by age three, he had memorized all the presidents and even knew all their dog's names! I was quite honestly surprised he wasn't elected as a classroom representative. Nothing against Paige at all...but this boy lives and breathes politics. She is debating on whether or not to run for President of the Student Body. She see saws between going for it and being scared of trying. I told her to go for it if she wanted to. I even went so far as to tell her to let Barry be her First Man. He can be the power behind The Woman. Shoot, anyone with a lick of sense knows our Presidents have wives who yield powers behind the scenes.

I told if she really wants it and she decides to let fear rule her life....she will regret it the rest of her life. Sometimes, you just have to step out of your comfort zone and see what the world is all about. I haven't told her TO do it or NOT to do it. It should be ultimately up to her. I think she has as good a chance as anyone. She has the personality and the smarts to pull it off. She already has the teacher's eating out of her hand. (example: Her technology teacher threw down on her desk some hair care samples...explaining they were free when she got her done the previous day and she thought Paige might like them. See what I mean?)

If any of you are inclined to offer her words of encouragement on this, I would appreciate it. You know how Mom and Dad are stupid and don't know anything about life. All the smart people in this world are the ones NOT related to the teenager themselves. I see you out there, Internets, nodding your head...totally getting what I'm saying here.

My Makenna is loving her learning goodness right now. She still visits her teacher from last year and talks more about her than the ones she has now! She went to her first gifted class yesterday and the only complaint she had was that they made her go outside. In her words: "Kenna don't do hot." She'd much prefer to hang out inside where it's nice and cool. Can't say I blame her one bit.

The boy is doing well in school. He was so tired Tuesday afternoon when he got home. Wednesday morning I made mention to his teacher how tired he was. She said he was trying really hard to follow the classroom rules and it was showing. Well, it must've worn his butt out trying so hard to keep that bumblebee at a decent level on the classroom hive. I'm not going to argue. He needs to just get his heart right about it all and realize life is all about "The Rules".

I have a few more things going on that I will fill you in on later. It's like poker...I'm holding my cards to my chest right now trying to figure out what kind of hand I'm holding. (are you curious yet? (insert evil laugh))

Now. Let's all edge on over to the weekend and see what kind of trouble we can find!!


Domestic Diva said...

I distinctly remember making a comment about student government after Paige's experience with cheerleading try-outs. Now isn't that some stuff?? There's my girl, Paige, all up in some student government. I am OFFICIALLY awesome! :)

Paige, girl you just work your way up. I think one of the best things is to get some experience for a bit. Do the classroom rep thing for the school year and get your feet wet in that. Then, you can run for secretary or vice pres the next year touting your "experience." After that...go for the big guns. Senior year I ran against a HUGEO political dude from my school. He had been president of EVERYTHING. You know what...I won! My platform was bringing school pride back. Girl, it so worked! We had tailgates before football games, assemblies to honor ALL extra-curricular activities (not just sports), and even painted some areas of the school. It was the best year ever!!!

I wish you the best of luck. PS: Here's a campaign slogan - "Proven...Passionate...Paige!"

~♥paige♥~ said...

OO OO OO! I LURVE it DD, lol. Butt, Mama, you left out the fortune cookiiiies..... tsk tsk tsk.

: D

Krys72599 said...

Hi, Miss Hope! This message is for Paige -
Do what you want to do. If you want to run for SC President, go for it! If you want to be a rep for a year, you can do that, too. Just don't ever second guess your decision. As an adult, today, I regret being so shy and retiring as a child, not stepping out of my comfort zone and trying things. At our 25th high school reunion, no one remembered me as a nerd, they remembered me as "quiet." I'm not quiet now, and I can't help but think of all the things I missed 'cause I was in the background all the time.
After all, what's the worst thing that could happen if you run for President? You could lose. (Or you could win, depending on your point of view!)
Do what feels right.