Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Diligent Update

I'm composing a sweet piece about my Boy starting school today...complete with pictures. I'm excited to share it and I will. Soon.

I am following this issue concerning Two Bomb Dudes. I'm curious to see just how it plays out and what kind of information the media will share with American citizens.

This is the latest I've found to share with you. Dang, if it still doesn't concern me. A lot.


I admit to being more attentive since it is my home state. I feel little bit of ownership in that base since my husband is in the United States Navy and worked there for a term. I just keep seeing in my mind's eye all those young men and women walking around so proudly in uniform.

There are just a couple of things that make me raise my eyebrow.

1. They called in the robot to remove items from the car.

2. They felt compelled to shut the road down for fear of explosion.

But...they're not saying it was a bomb or anything.

Uh...okay, man. You take those precautions with every single car that goes through a roadblock?

The Sheriff was on Headline News this morning saying that those Two Bomb Dudes were acting mighty suspicious when stopped. Slamming down the laptop quickly before cops got to the car. Wonder if Mapquest directions were on screen?

And if it wasn't a bomb...and they were law abiding dudes riding around...then why did they request bail be denied because they are considered a flight risk?

Makes a person wonder, doesn't it?

Two words......

Be Diligent.

*Post of my sweet baby coming up.......*

Edited to add:

I went back and read the link I provided you with again and this is apparently a forum of sorts. I saw that that T.B.D.'s (Two Bomb Dudes) were stopped for speeding. I'm just unclear on the reason they were apprehended. But, does that really matter? They were stopped and something out of that car was detonated.


Domestic Diva said...

Girl, it's just a mess here with all that news. Now muslim groups are saying it's "profiling." Ah. The joys of a world filled with terrorism.

You can also check out www.charleston.net to check out the paper's info on it.

Miss Hope said...

Thanks,DD!!!! I forgot you were there in the midst of it since you were with us all weekend! I'll check out your link info.

Melanie said...

now here's my question...how can the muslims say it's profiling when the FBI specifically released a statement saying there was NO connection to terrorism.

Crazy Me said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of your sweet boy!

Krys72599 said...

Thanks for the update!