Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Hair Cut

I got me some impatient friends in this world. Lu, my bestest homie from back in South Carolina, called me yesterday and told me when she read that I was going to let Mak cut her hair she liked to fell out of her chair. I had to laugh because she has twin girls the same age (who will tell you Aunt Hope loves them best) and she catches flack like this double time.

I promised some before and after pictures. After loading and cropping and working on this...I feel like I'm working. With no paycheck. What's up with that?

Without further ado.......

This was right before we left the house and headed to the salon. I felt I need to make sure people understood just how long this child's hair was!

Oh, and those are formal portraits of the girls on the wall taken when they were three. They are as sweet as they look, too!

Here we are right after the major first cut. We only cut a little over 8 inches off, so we couldn't donate the pony tail. Locks of Love likes a good ten inch one to work with. That's time might make enough hair to send on. I saved this one just in case we could in the future.

This is the finished length. When we went to leave the salon, I told Tinkerbelle (our stylist)..."See this? I want this color next time!" Ha ha...
The date is wrong on the picture. This is the First Day of School Picture. I am providing face shots in the next post. The date should be August 1, 2007. Gotta love technology.
Fred had a hard time with this. He thinks her hair looks great, but he's sad she's getting to be independent minded. I told him that Paige was born independent minded and be grateful we had as much time as we did with Mak. He sighs real deep and says he knows and understands...but he really doesn't. He wants his girls to stay girls. And they refuse to comply. Poor Dad. This parenting gig is killing him.
This morning before Mak left for school, she sashayed in front of him with a new outfit on and her lovely shorter hair fixed a different way. She twitched and twisted and put her hand on her hip and lifted one eyebrow expectantly at him. He just sat there looking at her. I said...Uh, she's waiting for you to acknowledge how cute she is.
He, of course, complied. As she walked out the room...he just shook his head. I feel sorry for the boys who think they're gonna waltz into our home one of these days............


Domestic Diva said...

Ah! Heartbreaking. I'm sure she still looks cute as a button, though. And Fred, man, he's got his work cut out for him. No matter how hard it is though, nothing can be better for a girl than a wonderful, loving, and supportive father. I'm glad he can be there for them like that...even if you do need to help him with the hints now and then. ;)

PS: Fred - Jer's going to the cigar shop tonight! He can't wait to partake in a stogie with ya! :)

Paige™ said...' caint say dat! gaaaah... hahaha..... but yeah, hahano.

Celia said...

She has beautiful hair. I always wanted long blonde hair like that. Instead I got dark brown hair that's been short for most of the time since I was in 7th grade. ;)

Em and Hope, Enjoy your visit!

Melanie said...

HOLY MOLY! The cut looks really cute from the back (btw, that was a 'subtle' hint that we need to see the front too). I'm really proud of you and Fred for letting her be so independent - I can't imagine how much that took to let her take this step. and what is hahano?? I can't be hip with Paige making me feel so old ya know.