Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Sweet Boy

My boy has been through a lot in the past week. It's almost as if we hit the fast forward button on his life and he's zooming at warp speed up and away from us. Dad is having a harder time with all of this than I am. Sure, this is my baby, and I'm sad at the thought that he truly is no longer a baby. He's become a little boy right before my very eyes.

Last Friday night, we attended the open house for Vitt's new school. It was chaos on a stick. So many parents and children roaming the halls looking for their child's class. We found Mrs. K's class where Vitt was going to be spending his time. She had little buckets with their names on them in front of teeny tiny chairs. In each bucket was a pair of scissors (with the protective cap), crayons, and a glue stick. She had a goody bag with a balloon attached for them to take home. I was touched at the little lab coats hanging on pegs in the Science Center. Each had a student's name on it with safety goggles in the side pocket. We visited for a little while and headed back home. On the way, I heard a sound behind me and when I turned to look? I saw my son had jacked the scissors out of his bucket and was having a good time opening and closing them. ~sigh~ My boy done jacked his scissors. This could not be a good sign. (They were returned this morning with big apologies.)

Sunday night was another new experience. At our church, we have Cubbies. This is Bible study for ages 3 and 4. They have to cross the road to get to their building and, in order to do so, the children have a rope where they each are instructed to hold on to a knot and not let go crossing the street. Later that night at home, Vitt was sitting in Fred's lap before bed and they were discussing Cubbie Class. Fred asked him what he learned that night. Vitt replied..."HOLD THE ROPE." Works for me.

Tuesday morning came quickly. It was time to dress and head to school. YaY! Fred is taking a class this week but was excused first thing that morning so he could go with us for the first day. Vitt walked right in and made himself at home. Gave us a kiss with a big "BYE!" and grew up a little more right before our eyes. Fred just stood there in the door way of the class room. I took his arm and pulled him out with me. I know how he feels. Three times over. A part of you is so glad your child is confident enough to try new adventures, while still another part of you wishes he would act like he hates to see you leave...just a little bit.

Today I went to pick up my Trouble and he greeted me with the fact he did not receive a lollipop for good behavior. His bumble bee had fallen to the bottom of the hive because he hit a friend and took someone's toys. ~sigh~ He was upset ten ways from Sunday because he did not receive a lollipop. Both Mrs. K. and I talked with him about class room rules. She wasn't upset in the least, having raised a boy her own self that has older siblings. I was encouraged that she made sure he listens well and will stop when told to. He is compelled to tell everyone he sees at the moment he didn't get a lollipop and his "bubblebee" is at bottom (he provides a swooping down hand motion with this piece of information). Hopefully, his bubblebee will stay in the lollipop area tomorrow.

Did I mention Fred bought Vitt his first fishing rod when we were visiting South Carolina the other weekend? Oh yeah. One handy dandy Spon*ebob floating rod with a plankton weight on the end. It's set up for casting practice right now because all the fishing catching skills start with good casting. I had nothing to do with this purchase. The menfolk visited Bass Pro Shop whilst the women hit some sales. I don't believe men are capable of leaving that place without making a purchase. Upon our arrival back to my parent's house, The Boy was allowed to start casting practice. I believe he hit everything there was to hit in the front yard. The Tahoe. The tree. The porch. Himself. He did get a few good ones in purely on accident. It is now hidden from view because I feel he could do some major damage to my house if given the chance to cast unsupervised.

I'm going to put your pictures up now. I didn't want all my paragraphs to get jumbled up, so I waited til the end. Seeing my little man doing all these just makes me want to squeeze him and hold him tighter.

And did I mention that the first day of school, I met some friends at a local coffee house, where I got jacked up on the best cafe mocha EVAH? And that I stayed there running my mouth the entire three hours he was in school? Yeah, it was nice.

Vitt was the caboose coming back across. When he reached the other side, Mr. John told him to let go of the rope. Obviously their teachings were well done because my baby cried when he got kicked off of the train.

Dad had the pleasure of taking the formal shot for first day. Mama did a preview and decided we needed a "smiley" shot. I kept telling him to say cheese..which is code for SMILE BIG. He kept cheesing and pointing to his teeth to prove to me they were showing. End result? Every picture had him with a finger in his mouth. Like this.....

Last...but certainly not favorite picture of all. I love the walking in picture of Dad and his little man. I'm almost certain this will make my mother in law call all weepy and sniffing to see her son and grandson in such a sweet way.

So there you have it, Internets. The Edge never stops going it seems like. I still can't believe my BABY is growing up!!!


Domestic Diva said...

Ah! Love that last picture! And of course...the rescue pack must come along!! :) Adorable!

I hope that tomorrow brings lollipops! Yay for extrinsic rewards.

Coty said...

Oh, Vitt. Stop growing up! It's not fair to your mama and daddy.

On a side not, I am NOT looking forward to my own little one going to school. I know it's a ways off, but I'm sure the time will fly before my eyes. So sad. :(

Jacinda said...

I love the picture from behind of them walking! I am weepy. I remember when we were pregnant!!!!! (or did we not "meet" until after they were born???) Anyway, I remember when they were tiny!

You provide us with such good stories, Hope. Keep it up!

Melanie said...

Girl you KNOW I love you and to prove it, I won't stop loving you even though you've put that child in Clemson stuff :( He's such a cutie, and I love watching him grow (and hearing about all his many adventures!)
Does DD sound like a fortune cookie up there??