Friday, August 03, 2007

So Many Things...One Little Post

Have I told you how much I love school? And I'm sure I will continue to hold it close in my heart until the first tuition bill for college comes due.

Both girls are back in their elements and happy as can be. Makenna, more so, because homework hasn't started yet. Paige, because she is back in the midst of her friends who are cooler than we could want to be in this lifetime.

I don't think our county is doing the "year round" school year. They might gearing up for it and taking it out for a test drive this year by starting back early. I think I would like it better. And not because I don't want my children home with me, but bad habits are easily established when home for summer. Paige was sleeping until almost noon...which is what teenagers do. Makenna was getting that way the week before school started back. I personally feel if they went all year with long breaks here and there, they would retain more. I did see on our local news that our county is the only one who has started school back. Floridians still have a few weeks to go and so does my home back in South Carolina.

Pictures. Yes, I have pictures! I was informed yesterday by the girl's Aunt Gail that school started back on August 1 and it was already August 2. Where were the pictures? Well, Aunt Gail, I'm here to put your pictures up! I just wanted to spread my posting goodness out as much as I could because we have a busy weekend ahead.
A quick note to anyone using blogger: I love to do pictures, but the last picture always ruins the rest of my post. I am unable to do paragraphs after the last picture is put on. It all runs together no matter what I do. If you know how to fix this problem, PLEASE let me know. I'm kind of anal about paragraphs and it messes me up when this happens!! So, my apologies for the run on part at the last of the post. That is NOT my intentions!

Without further ado......

As you can see, Miss Mak is in the latest fashions. Paige is into accessories now, so Mak thinks she should be too. Note the little purse she decided to take (contents: tissue, lip gloss, snack). I love the way she goes into pose mode and even does "Princess Fingers". Yeah...she's a Diva-in-Training.

Date wrong...should be 8/01/2007

This is my clown. It seems like lately, when a camera comes out...two fingers come up. I'm all for peace in the world...but every picture? Please note the funky green necklace and matching dingle dangle earrings. With all the green she was wearing, she felt compelled to tell everyone..."I'm feeling lucky today!"

Now, how could I resist this picture? She informed me this is the new pose everyone is doing. Named after some celebrity, I'm sure. Truly? She's showing off the Vera Brad*ey purse she bought the day before. With her own money. Cute. Not my taste. I think they're all ugly. No offense to lovers of the Bradley line...I just personally don't like them. She is thrilled with it and that's all that matters. That, and the fact I didn't have to pay for it. (not that I would)
My girls are growing up so fast. I know the school year just started, but I am already dreading next year when Fred and I will be the proud owners of a High Schooler. *gasp* This makes me feel old in a major way. My time with my babies is slipping through my fingers like water. Somebody grab me a bucket!!
Are you ready for this? Are you? ARE YOU????
The Boy starts school next week!!!!
Yes, sir. Yes, ma'am. We got that boy all registered and he will be starting 3K preschool next Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. sharp. I think I've found the perfect program for him. He will be in a structured environment from 9:00-12:00 Tuesdays-Thursdays. He will learn to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning to our country's flag. Hopefully, by Christmas, he will know numbers and letters by sight and how to write his name. I am so excited about this.
He needs the structure and, Lord Bless him, the social skills. Fred's not so sure about all of this. We're at opposite ends of the spectrum. He knows Vitt needs to go, but he's still a baby. Yeah, a busy active into everything gonna kill himself jumping off of high things baby. Fred went to register him and brought home a supply list. How precious is that? Paige got so tickled over it. She said..."My baby has a supply list! I'm going to cry!" Fred and I were searching all over the Super Wall last night getting his stuff together. We are attending open house tonight so we can see the facility and all of us can meet the teacher. Vitt has been begging to go to "kool" for a while now. Let's just hope his enthusiasm will stay around.
I have visions of going grocery shopping by myself.............
Do you have any idea how thrilled I am at the prospect of going into a store and not hearing "Mama, I want this..." over and over again until I check out? Heaven, people. Pure heaven.
One last thing before I head off. My friend, the Domestic Diva, will be here this afternoon!!!! That's right......her hubby, son, and D.D. herself will be in my town by this evening. I'm looking so forward to meeting her face to face and having a fun weekend! We both have a case of root rot going on, but swore we wouldn't get our hair done before the visit. We are going to take pictures and post them without shame. Fred, John (Spare Hero Guy), and Jer (D.D.'s hubby) are going golfing tomorrow. There will be laughter, talks of sports, talks of the military, cigars smoked, and no wife and kids around. I'm betting the boys will have a fine time whilst the women and children loaf around town.
Good living around The Edge going on right now.
p.s. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the bridge collapse. My husband used to live in the area and has driven over that bridge a few times. Just goes to show, you never know when it's your time to go..........


Coty said...

Well, you know *I* like the purse! Woman, we gotta get together so you can meet Charlie!

Celia said...

You know, a bunch of my classmates in college had those purses (collections of them). I never got it.. They reminded me a little too much of a quilt my grandmother made, or possibly a pillow.

But, gotta say.. LOVE the green t-shirt. :)

I tend to agree with the idea of longer school years with breaks interspersed. I think more would be retained as well, but then again, summer breaks were nice...

Miss Hope said...

C., I am fond of saying they look like Grandma's upholstery. This is usually guaranteed to tick Paige off. Might be why I say it so often.

paige said...

-sigh- you two are simply fashionally challenged. i feel sorry for you, but its not my fault if you are blind. **bland look**

i think somehow i will survive.

and yes, i think thats about right mother, thats why you say it.



Crazy Me said...

Never heard of that line of purses. I think I'm hopelessly unfashionable!