Monday, August 13, 2007

Dinner Theater

Long ago when Paige was small, my mother stated often that: "Children who sing are smart and happy." She's encouraged all of her grankids to sing everything from Sunday School songs to whatever strikes their fancy (they just had to keep it clean, of course).

I am now living to regret her doing that.

For one, my son now sings that stupid spider pig song that Homer Simpson sings on the commercials for that movie. How about that? He knows all the words that are seen on the television.

Fred and I are trying so hard to establish manners and etiquette in our children. Tables manners are a hard road for us to travel on. I live in constant fear that these kids of mine will be a guest in someone's home when I am not around to give them THE EYE, and they will do something so atrocious and ill-mannered, I will never be able to hold my head up in public again. This is a big deal for me, Internets.

We are about to give up on it all, I do believe.

Take tonight, for instance.....

(Admit've missed my dinner conversation posts.)

We are constantly telling the girls "No singing at the table." "Please, don't sing at the table." "It's not right to sing at the table while people are eating."

They deem it necessary to ignore us. They find it impossible to make it an entire meal without busting out into song. Tonight we were entertained with songs from Veggie Tales ....Michael Buble...and I think Backyardigans.

I finally threw my hands up in the air and said,

"We have GOT to be the only parents on this Earth who get dinner theater every single night!!!!"

So, if you're inclined to be entertained with fledgling singing artists, feel free to come on over to the Edge for the evening meal.

Ticket prices to be posted soon.

We gotta pay for college somehow.


Miss Hope said...

P.S. Mellie? I'll be sure to put boiled peanuts and sweet tea on the menu when you come!!!

Melanie said...

I have NO idea how you do it miss hope! I hit reply and was gonna say "only if there's sweet tea on the menu" :) Do you think they'll catch on when they read this post of yours? Be sure to tell Vitt thanks for putting that silly song in my head now - afternoon meetings should be fun if I start humming it!

paige said...




you forgeted the 4H songs i sing.




an' all that good stuff.


Hope's Hubby said...

Yes, my love. And definately don't forget about Vitt going over to the other side and getting his sisters i-p*d and coming back with an earphone in his ear and dancing to that Michael Buble song. You know that was funny.

Krys72599 said...

I'd much rather listen to singing (well, maybe not Homer's song!) than the catfights and nitpicking I'm used to in my family! Count your blessings, Miss Hope - it could be much, much worse!!! (Besides, with you as mom, I'm sure they mind their p's and q's when out in public...)

Melinda Meadows said...

Singing at the table? Only if Daddy and I get to join in! "Make a joyful noise..."

Crazy Me said...

If you're making spaghetti any time soon, I'm there. Can I teach them some broadway stuff?!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

The worst part is kids can't carry a tune until they're a certain age... and some people never learn to do it! I can handle constant singing, but not out of key! Forget college and start saving for the Royal Conservatory of Music. Imagine having someone like Buble (a Canadian by the way) singing Christmas carols at family gatherings.

♥Paige♥ said...

Well, Mr.Canadian Guy, I was in the state choir and everything, and I can sing very well (so I've been told) and so can my sister. So no worries there. It's entertainment in the right key. ( : And yes,CM, I would love to learn some broadway stuffs. haha

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Ha. Paige is, of course, over that certain age and... did she say state choir? Impressive. I'm telling you, Royal Conservatory or Juliard!