Friday, August 24, 2007

People I Miss

I may be liking my life here in Jaw-ja Land, but there is still a hole in the fabric of my being I am missing that makes me complete. That would be my Mama and Daddy. My Dad told me when I took this picture, I better not put it up on "that internet thing" I got. Ok, man. Like he really knows how to turn the computer on and get to my internet thing to see if I've actually done that.
There are things that comfort me in my life to help ease the missing of my parents. Paige has her Nana's hands and feet. The girls have the coloring of their Papa (and me!). Paige moans about the fact that she's shrimpy in height (coming in around 5 ft 1 inches to my 5ft 6 inch self). Gee...I wonder where she got that from? Makenna has a passion for watching television that can only come from her Papa. She is his buddy when we visit. They sit in side by side recliners and enjoy his big screen goodness in perfect harmony. While snacking on Papa's stash of goodies hidden within reach.
So, this eases me somewhat when I am needing my parents near to me. I see pieces of them in myself and my children and that comforts me and takes me on through.


Melanie said...

I'm glad you have reminders :) and I'M TELLING YOUR DADDY!!!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Are... are you saying... are you saying that this image was used... without permission? I'm afraid I can't condone such behaviour and would tell your daddy if I knew where to find him. You COULD post his phone number so we could all let him know... lol

Crazy Me said...

Ohhhhh .... you might be grounded if daddy finds out about the picture!