Friday, August 10, 2007

New Friends

Miss Hope is a very lucky gal. I mentioned that the Domestic Diva was headed my way last weekend. She and the hubby travelled through some rough weather and made it in Friday afternoon.

Who said first meetings are awkward? We immediately did that girl thing where you squeal and laugh and hug and laugh and hug and talk ninety miles a second. Her hubby was very tolerant of us having to do all of this in the scorching hot weather when he had driven a long ways and was probably tired.

We had a marvelous time hanging out Friday evening and hated to see it end. The next morning was just precious. I awoke to my hubby leaving to play golf. He hasn't played in a year due to his knee injury, but he was being the gracious host and taking Jer (D.D's hubby) for a round of early morning golf. He was decked out in his newest golf shorts he's worn everywhere but the course and baseball cap. The previous evening we had to make a special trip to the cigar shop because I was informed that there is no better place to smoke a stogie than the course. Uh...ok, man.

DD and her gorgeous little man spent the morning and part of the afternoon here at my home. We made a big breakfast. I made sure to fix a big pot of grits the RIGHT way as she had never had them. I am hoping she has converted to Southern way of thinking now. We had a great time just sitting and talking. I love friends like that...where you can just be comfortable with each other and not feel like you're constantly putting airs on for them.

John (who had gone golfing also) and Carla, along with their half of the brady bunch (our kids added together make for a busy house!) came over for supper. We fed the kids and sent them away. The adults sat at the table for hours and just ate and laughed. Times like this remind me when I was growing up and seeing adults around the kitchen table at my parent's house.....wondering if I would ever be grown enough to have friends over like that. Three desserts were brought out and presented and it was deemed acceptable that since it was a special occasion....everyone could have a piece of all three. I'm pretty sure we went into sugar shock afterwards. In fact, I'm almost positive we would have collectively blown a glucose meter to the moon.

Jer gets to leave for more school (for our Navy!) in a few months and I am doing my best to convince DD to drive back down and hang out with us again. Maybe do some retail in a nice restaurant...or just hang out. I don't think it would take much to convince her.

On that note, I'll leave you all to your lovely HOT weekends. (Except for C. and Melinda who are in Washington state and don't have to own air conditioners, which I can't even fathom). My Lu is heading this way this evening with my twins to spend the weekend before their school starts. I can't wait to see them!

It's never boring around The Edge. That's for sure!

p.s. I've had to become a name dropper. Lu was fussing at me because I fail to mention her more regularly and that was just unacceptable because we've been friends since we were seven years old.


Domestic Diva said...

Well I just have to say..

#1 - I feel mighty fine that I was mentioned SOOO much in your blog! It just does a girl's heart good! You have to know that I miss you tons. Sure do miss having someone to talk with!

#2 - Jer...poor guy. Since day one I've called him Jer. He never imagined that it would catch on with others and now that's all people call him too. LOL. Just for y'all who don't know him. It's Jeremy. But Jer works for me. :)

Melinda said...

I feel the need to tease at this moment...

The current temperature is: 61, the high is expected at around 73. It's days, well actually the weather has been like this for a few weeks, that make me LOVE Washington in the summer!

Miss Hope said...

Now, Melinda...was that a nice thing to do to those of us sweating without even trying?

Melanie said...

so you probably don't want to hear that it's perfect convertibling weather here, with that nice breeze that makes your skin tingle because it's hot and cold at the same time. I'm with Lu, I feel slighted because I never get mentioned. It's because I'm on the other side of the world though and not because you don't love me, right? RIGHT? xoxo

Celia said...

Melinda's mean, but right. ;) It's been beautiful these past couple of days. The only problem with not having to own an air-conditioner is that there is still those 2-3 weeks where you'd be crazy to be here without one. (I'm remembering quite clearly those 99 degree days a month or two ago. EWW.)

But yeah, it's great here. Until November, and then it's kind of crappy for several months.

Crazy Me said...

I am jealous of those that don't have to own an air conditioner. I think I may have to take out a loan just to pay my electric bill this summer! LOL!!