Thursday, May 01, 2008

What Day is This?

May 1, 1966 was the day The Man was born to Mrs. M and Mr. C. He is the oldest of three siblings. He is one many many MANY cousins on both sides of his family. He is a Submariner. He is a Chief. He is a Dad. He is my husband.

When I first met my husband, he had a smattering of gray hair around his temples. Now? I do believe he's to the point where there's more gray than dark. He will be quick to tell you he's just glad he's still got a FULL head of hair. Who cares if it's gray? I tend to agree with him and, dangit, it is true, you know. Men with gray are distinguished and seem to look better as they age.

The Man, with his advanced age wisdom (heh heh), has taught me much since I've met him. I've learned to love some Mexican foods I never would have tried. I flown in planes (but would be okay with never doing that again). He introduced me and my girls into this HUGE family that hugs and kisses anyone who walks by. Talk about killing your nerves the first time around. Whew. Makenna was four and she jumped right in and hugged and kissed right back. Paige and I probably had looks of terror on our faces as we tried to out run whoever was coming after us for another hug. Now, we all hug and kiss and easily tell each other "I love you". I am grateful he showed me that showing love is a good thing.

Now, at the age of iklsfourtylkwndktwozmer (the number is in there somewhere), he is getting ready to venture into another chapter of his life. Retirement from the U.S. Navy looms in his future and on his birthday, he starts back to school to finish his degree in order to be better prepared for life when his duty is up with our country.

It feels like we've had birthday cake every other week with the kids since February (that's really an exaggeration...key word here is "feel"). Because of that, he has decided he does not want a birthday cake for himself. He prefers this instead.

I'm thinking he has a good idea going on here and I'm also pretty sure I won't be arguing with him about it. At all.

Also, it's been decided that golf clubs are coming in the very near future. The ones that are owned now were a self gift upon completion of Power School. That would be about sixteen years or so ago. When I had no problem with him getting a new set, boy did he jump right on the internet and start doing some serious window shopping. Did you know you can buy a piece of metal that is called a golf club for over $300.00?? ONE CLUB?!?!? Yeah, we brought that helium balloon down quick like.

Happy Anniversary of your Birth, Man. I sure do love you and wish to share many more and all types of anniversaries with you in this life time!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to "The Man"....I'm sure glad Hope found you. Our friendship developed much more than just over the phone, cause you actually like to get out and socialize and I really like you too. Thanks for that and thanks for taking such good care of Hope and the girls. Please...just bring them home soon!!!!!!Love you Fred!!!

Anonymous said...

The above anonymous comment was from me....Michelle M. it would not let me leave it any other way. Happy Day again Fred....Eat some Tall Cake for me too!!!!

OneHungMan said...

$300 for a single golf club...girl, you got off cheap.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fred! Hope, Tom started off with mostly dark hair too, 12 years later it's more salt than pepper! Maybe that's what we country girls do to these city guys! Ha,Ha! Love ya, Crystie

Paige said...

Happy birthday Old Man. (:
Love ya.
Even if I don't really say it like I should.
I do.
(: ♥

Mrs. Em said...

Paige, I bet your comment is the best one Fred will get! :)

Fred, Happy Birthday! May God bless you with many more years and so much more happiness!

House of Hayes said...

Happy Birthday Fred!! We hope that you have a wonderful day an many more to come!!

*PS* I thought your FAMILY gave you those grey hairs? HAHAHA!!!