Friday, May 02, 2008

A Record of the Celebration

The family headed out last night to celebrate The Man's birthday. I'm always excited about going out somewhere because that means I don't have to cook. Paige gets excited because then she doesn't have to wash dishes. Makenna gets a thrill because then she doesn't have to clean the table off after the meal. See? Going out to eat makes all the females in this house so very happy. This means we were more than willing to head out to a restaurant in order to celebrate.

Good food was had by all. Vitt ate so much salad and pasta he was complaining that his tummy was hurting by the time we left. I can safely say he was an eating machine. I got a Shrimp Parmesan and I promise he ate more of the pasta than I did.

I was disappointed that the place we chose to eat informed us that the dessert we desired was no longer served in the big glass (see previous post). Now? It looks like some fancy chef wannabe works in the kitchen.

Presentation was decent, but nothing beats seeing that huge glass full of dessert goodness being set down in front of you. This was thoroughly enjoyed by The Boy and Mak. See the little bowl in the background? That's the complimentary sunday for the birthday boy. Paige scored that because she gets all "EWWWW" about eating after people. She's weird that way. By the way, I am in LOVE with that plate. Was almost, but not quite, tempted to see if it would fit in my purse.

Mak wasn't too thrilled with the present I found for The Man. It was a coupon booklet for him to use at his discretion. She was flipping through reading it and some of them offended her. Like the "Redeem this for a clean car, inside and out, no questions asked." I think all she can see is work in her future and she is not about work. At all. She has begged me numerous times since last night to hide or dispose of the book. (You really thought I'd let him order golf clubs and call it a day? HA! He received some really cool cards, the coupon booklet, and monogrammed cuff links. I've had those cuff links for forever and couldn't wait to give them to him!) Carla and John gave him the coolest big book on submarines he can't get enough of. Dulcie and her gang gave him a monogrammed golf towel that he is more than ready to use. You could say he scored on the presents.

I put this picture in just because he's so stinkin' cute. He has a Sissy who can fix his hair the way he likes it and he found this shirt he HAD to wear because it was "cool". I am almost inclined to say he's growing up rather quickly on me.

I do believe this is now my most favorite picture in the world. Do not be surprised if it shows up to the left for you all to view on a regular basis. That, my Internets, is a picture of the loves of my life.

Yes, a wonderful time was had by all. Now, I want you all to have a good weekend out there. Stay home, gas is too expensive.


Mrs. Em said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Fred!! Best of luck on your trip!

jaime said...

what cute pictures:)

hope you had a fun time

chelle's winks said...

Great pictures! Glad everyone had fun...

Yes...Ruby's is ruining itself! They are trying to take a good family eating place and turn it in to "up-scale" dining...and it's just not that. We think it's not as good anymore either, but we do still go...and the Strawberry Tall cake, come on man...bring it back! Now you get a few strawberries with a scoop of ice cream. What's that...Don't mess up a good thing. It was our favorite too and Kyle misses it.

Happy Birthday again!!!

House of Hayes said...

I love the picture of the almost whole family!!
I am glad y'all had a wonderful night out as a family...Nothing beats that!

The Man on the Edge said...

Yes, everyone had fun. Vitt was even good!! It was a good day for me.

To all, Thank you for the birthday wishes both today and yesterday.

Pikes Pickles said...

What a sweet family.

Paige, girl,why aren't you smiling? Did your mamma not buy you the pair of 7 inch heels that you KNOW you wanted to wear to dinner that night.

Miss Hope - Why didnt you have the waitress snap the picture so that we could see your smiling face?