Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I blinked

I blinked and almost a whole entire week was gone! That's what happens when you age, Internets. The last week was so busy and full of things, it's a wonder we made it to the other side. Yet, we did.

Guess what? My washing machine broke Friday. Again. How about that. I will tell you right now, I won't EVAH buy a Fisher and Paykel* again in this lifetime. High dollar machine and I had to get a lemon. Second time in less than two years it died on me. We called Fisher and Paykel....they said the warranty was still good. Suffice it to say...the place we purchased it from said they had no record of us buying it. Did I lose my cool and start foaming at the mouth? Oh no. Daddy has always told me you get more flies with honey than you do vinegar. I plan on giving more details later, but right now I am in possession of a brand new washer and am awaiting to see if I get a refund for that hunk of junk we purchased first. I will be more than happy to tell you about it once I find out what's going down. Miss Hope do love her toys. I compare my washer and dryer to a man's Harley. I'm sure all the ladies out there can nod their head in agreement.

The Man got his new golf clubs in. That man tracked them all the way from California on the internet. He was here when they were delivered and I didn't witness it personally, but I do believe he met the delivery guy on the sidewalk and even skipped a step or two. He immediately brought them and started unpacking the box. When he was done, he turned to ask me if I thought having hernia surgery would affect his game. Because golf clubs aren't heavy, you know. Surely, he could go play a few rounds while he is recuperating. I am curious as to what the doctor will tell him on that one. He doesn't have an appointment until June 12th. He's gonna see if he can get this taken care of sooner. Now that he's been diagnosed (by me first!!!), he wants it taken care of. Who knows? Maybe he'll get a week off for the summer to help me holler at these hooligans we call kids.

Paige started PT (physical therapy) yesterday. Wow. They worked her but good. The therapist seems to think we can get these ankles working right and her feet taken care of in 13 visits. She made need special inserts. Whatever it takes.....whatever she needs....she'll get it. That's how we roll around here.

I most certainly did take pictures last week at different festive events. Kenna had awards day in the morning and The Boy graduated in the evening. I was so glad when that day was over. Wednesday, The Boy had water day at his school. They put a few pools on a tarp, set up a slip and slide, gave the kids squirt bottles and let them go. Vitt thought it was a water park. On the way home, he informed me, "I had the mostest fun." 'Nuff said. Make it worth sitting outside for an hour and a half. We celebrated Memorial Day with Carla and her gang, Emily and her gang, and a little with Dulcie and her gang. We are proud owners of season passes to the local water park and we intend to get our moneys worth out of it. The kids love it. There are shaded places to sit so we love it. A little cook out later with lots of good food and we had to call it a day. I think I'm almost allergic to the sun. Too much vitamin D. Too much of a good thing. Man, after leaving the sun, I am so drained it's not even funny. To the point I can't even hardly move.

Now we'll move onto the Show and Tell portion everyone loves. This new laptop makes it easy enough for a toddler to put pictures on it and I, for one, appreciate that sweet feature.

I told you he had the mostest fun. It's a wonder he didn't have mud in his teeth. Mama had the fore sight to bring extra clothes so he got hosed off before getting in the truck. Long live Water Day!

The camera phone isn't too smooth on long distance pictures, but this is my baby on stage with her awards. She scored on all fronts. Even got the Citizenship Award...which is an awesome thing to get. It came with a lapel pin she had to wear the rest of the day, of course.

I love this one simply because they are acting like they like each other and no licks are being passed. Hmmm...I might have to frame this one.

Graduation theme was patriotic. Look at the flag on his shirt. It's made with his thumb prints!! Go ahead, lick the screen. I totally understand.

A year ago, this child of mine bombarded us with pleas to wear eyeliner. I refused to bend to her will and told her when she got to high school, she could wear some. I don't remember when or if my Mama gave me permission to do so, but I remember wearing it in high school. I even went so far as to tell her she could "practice" wearing it the summer before entering 9th grade. Why did I do that? Because the very next day after her last day of 8th grade, that sister was ready and waiting. In the past few days, I've watched that eye liner get darker and darker. Yesterday, I told her she looked like a raccoon that got in a bad fight. *insert eye roll here* Finally, I realized that being subtle about it wasn't working. I had to tell her to tone it down or lose it. I think I'm in for a battle of wills here. Guess who is going to win? (Call your bookie....)

That's a brief catch-up as to what's happening here at The Edge. I'm telling's non-stop action around these parts.

***I never mention brands or companies because if they aren't paying me? I ain't promoting. I mentioned this brand as being hard to deal with because I like to put my consumer research/input in***


Krys72599 said...

My, how time flies... yea, yea, yea. Bottom line, it's goin' a lot faster now and I don't like it one little bit!!!
I WISH my washing machine would break. We had two perfectly good ones in a row: we sold one with our last house, and we gave one to my mom when we inherited a newer one from hubby's sister.
Unfortunately the newer one is the worser one! (Yes, bad grammar, but it makes me feel good!) This one vibrates and walks all over the laundry room floor, tilts like a pinball machine and shuts off. What a not-so-nice surprise to go downstairs to put the laundry in the dryer and find it's STILL FULL OF WATER 'cause the dang machine walked itself crooked and shut off!
Loved the photos! And regarding eyeliner, while I never used it 'til I was all grown up, my baby sister used to go to HS and put it on there, thinking Mom wouldn't know. HA! Mothers know everything! It's now come back to haunt her: niece A's eyes look eggzactly like raccoon eyes - I don't think I use as much eyeliner in a *week* as she does in one day!!!

paige said...

ugh.. ya'll... they may look like coon eyes to youuu.. but thats how youre supposed to do it now. gees...

The Man on the Edge said...

You may think so Paige, but if you keep not listening to your momma, then you won't be wearing it anymore.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Amen, Man!
You guys are quite entertaining! I can remember the late 80's and early 90's - I had the mall hair aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhh! Cans of hairspray-I think, daily! Oh, my poor mother! I understand, hee, hee! Kids are so funny!

Sorry about the washing machine blues! I can totally feel your pain-ours went out, a few years ago, and I almost died! Good news is I got to go shop for a newbie!

chelle's winks said...

Love the pictures....

Go easy on the liner, Paige....

Hope you get a great new machine, Hope!

Margaret said...

Finally--I hadn't checked your blog since the submariners ball. Talk about being behind times. I enjoyed them all. I'm also looking forward to spending time with all of you and meeting your friends/family that I didn't meet when I was there before.
Love, MIL

Jill AKA busymom said...

No worries Paige...I have two daughters here that wish I would not share their eye liner stories with the whole world....but we love what you bring to our lives....

Amen Man!

Hope....I'm so going to use the thumbprint flag at out school for
4th of July.

Also...for the picture of the 6 of us before he left...the nice family one...there are 8 others that show the real us....face making fingers up behind people's heads..arguing all caught on yeah I would frame the one of them getting along!