Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I guess I could have posted earlier today, but I didn't.

See, I was too busy sitting around in my gown. With my cup of coffee. While playing games on the laptop. And was it ever so nice.

I woke up this morning with over half my voice gone and on the feverish side. That didn't bode well for my day. Some medication and a cup of good hot coffee found me feeling much better.

This wasn't on par like the Royal Weekend from last year. I wasn't playing that card two years in row. Although I am somewhat royal...even if it's in my own mind......I figure I'll save the Royal Weekend and all it's star treatment for those years when the birthday falls on Mother's day. Trust me, I can milk that cow for all it's worth when it rolls around.

No, this year has been low key and just laid back. When asked what I'd like for my gifts, I just kept drawing blanks. Seriously. I really don't need anything or really want anything for that matter. The only thing I could think of was a picture I saw at a store I thought would be really nice over my couch. I didn't HAVE to have it at all, but I sure did like it a lot.

Carla made me take a breather Saturday afternoon. I was just worn out from my single parenting week and needed a break from it all. I was feeling issues with my throat indicating I was worn down and was just flat out ill acting. She convinced me that I needed a new outfit to wear for my birthday and a few other errands were taken care of. I went in the store with that perfect picture and just stood there and looked at it. I then made the call to my wonderful husband and asked it would be possible if I could get that picture for Mama's Day/Birthday. He left it up to me. Gawd, I love that man.

Isn't that just all Southern Magnolia Goodness right there? It's about 5 feet long and just makes me smile every time I look at it.

This morning my babies came bearing gifts they made at school. Oh, how proud they were of their hard hand made crafty work. I just love this stuff. I save it all and bring it out from time to time just to enjoy.

My sweet baby was proud as punch of his "pink hand fower" . It's on a ceramic tile that I have no clue as to how I will preserve for the next 30 years. I shall figure it out, though.

Kenna made this cute flower wheel thing full of things she loves about her Mama. She is so creative and artistic. I love seeing things she comes up with.

Not a bad score from the younger two, huh? Of course it's stuff I'll treasure forever and try to keep just that long.

Paige was gracious and kind enough to cook most of our "Lupper" today. (that would be the meal between lunch and supper). I got to sit back and let The Man grill the meat and my baby girl cooked the rest of the meal. I am so proud of her and how comfortable she is in the kitchen. She is her Nana's child when it comes to that stuff. I say that because she enjoys cooking.....I don't.

There are no group pictures from today because Mama stayed in her gown and didn't go through any pains with her appearance whatsoever.

I would like to wish all the ladies out there a Happy Mother's Day. I've said it before and I'll say it again....You are all a Mother figure somehow somewhere. Being a woman should be qualification enough in my eyes.

Now we head into The Birthday Week. I am all a wiggle and excited over it. I have no clue what's in store, but what ever it is? I am seriously looking forward to it! Hang on, Internets, I've been told it's going to be some kind of ride!


Coty said...

That picture just makes me pine for home. Sigh. As for the tile, I do have one idea. Once you get where you're going(you know, the place you'll call home for the rest of your life) use white tiles to backsplash your kitchen, and stick that one somewhere in the mix. It'll always be there for you to see...and for Vitt to roll his eyes at. :) I already said it, but Happy Mother's Day!

cat said...

I love the picture and art work. You are truly loved......and blessed.

House of Hayes said...

I love your new art work!! :) It looks VERY nice on your wall!!
And the Mother's Day from the kids...AH Makes my heart melt !!
I am so glad to now know that I have someone besides my fuzzy butt to bring me Mother's Day things she makes :)
HUGS GIRL!!! Can't wait to see what the 24 hour anniversary of your birth brings!!

chelle's winks said...

Happy Mothers Day...Great gifts!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Cool presents from the troops! You made it through Single Parenting Week and had wonderful gifts on the weekend! Thats perfect! now your going into Birthday Week! We celebrate all week in our family! The person can get away with anything, practically murder and then we celebrate with a party of some sort! So hats off to you for the up and coming...what is it? You 29th? Right? ;} Have a great week!

Tamra (by way of SWC) said...

Happiest of happy birthdays, Miss Hope !! I had to come out of lurkdom to send good wishes and tell you I LOVE YOUR BLOG ! You have a beautiful family and I love reading about "ya'll". ;) (My feeble attempt at a Southern-ism.) That magnolia is all you. :)

Glad to see/read that Mother's Day was all it should have been. I wish you a wonderful birthday and birthday week !!

Sugar said...

Happy be-lated Mother's Day! I spent my day on the couch while Hubby made me coffee and cleaned up the kitchen. I love a man who cleans! Hope you are feeling better for your B-day!