Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Couple Things.....

First off, I'd like to wish my parents a Happy Birthday. Yes, both of them. They share a birthday and are a year a part. Smart move on my Mama's part if you ask me. This way? Daddy can't forget her birthday unless he forgets his own. I've always thought this was a cool thing about them. All my life everyone would think I meant it was their anniversary. How smug was I went I would then correct this sad person and tell them it was, indeed, a birthday that was shared. HA!

I called my mother this evening to give her good wishes. She told she had a good day at work where a cake was provided and lunch was bought for her. Her favorite moment? Was when my Dad called to wish her a Happy Birthday and he told her he loved her. She and I agreed that was worth more than a dozen roses.

I called my Daddy later. He's mellowing out, Internets. We chatted a few and at the end of our conversation, I told him I loved him. He responded in kind. I'm his daughter...stubborn. I was determined to hear him say that on a more regular basis and I think he finally gets it.

I haven't mentioned it a lot, but I'm sort of running a program at our base Chapel. It's a little thing called Crafts and Conversations. A Chaplain had a vision of seeing spouses come together to meet.....make connections......see that they aren't alone in this military life. I surely didn't want to take it over as this Chaplain moves to her next duty station. I keep promising myself that this won't be for long, the next Chaplain is due in July and SHE can get her feet wet quickly. It's not an easy thing to do, but *sigh* I believe in it's vision. I believe in the idea of the program and what it can offer to young wives away from home for the first time. I love that older wives are participating and helping lead, guide, and direct as much as they can. The creative abilities we are tapping are just amazing.

Yeah, I dig my Thursday morning job.

I thought I would even go so far as to give you a little taste of what we do. We try to keep the projects/crafts to a 2 hour minimum. I want to keep it fun.

This week really qualified for fun.

I also decided this week's craft would be given to my adoring husband. For his desk. So that all who enter his office will see it immediately. They would admire this gift and wish they had one of their own. The jealousy might run rampant through his building upon its arrival.

Without further ado, I give what has been affectionately named.....Phillip.

Ya gotta admit. Phillip the Pig has personality.

Alas, he has a job to do as he sits upon my husband's desk. Go forth, Phillip, and work for the future. Make us proud!

I love Crafts and Conversations.


Mellie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Hope's Folks! That's a pretty nifty factoid about them.
I think your Thursday morning job is an awesome thing, and I'm glad you do it. You are an inspiration to many lady!
I have to admit that I will never walk into Fred's office and still I'm a bit jealous of Phillip the Pig and his grand purpose in life. I might even have to see if he has cousins or brothers or some kind of kin that can adorn my desk.

paige said...


andria said...

C and C sounds like a lot of fun.
And the pig is cute too.

Lishak said...

Yep. I wasn't there. I drive a big yellow SUV that you can't miss. lol
I was actually on vacation this week. Hubby had the week off. I will definitely try to come this coming week, though. Thanks for thinking about me! :)

C said...

Love the pig!

DH and I share a birthday, too. You might be able to imagine how many times we get the "Really?" question when we have to fill out paperwork. (We were born 10 min. apart--real time--in Boston and Seattle.)

Happy birthday to your folks!

chelle's winks said...

Happy Birthday Ya'll.......hope to see you soon.....