Monday, May 05, 2008

Where'd He go?

Haven't really advertised it but The Man is gone.

Yep, left out on a plane today for a week . Vitt and I dropped him off before noon at the airport and he headed to Tennessee for an ADCO (Alcohol and Drug Coordinating Officer) conference. When I asked him what and all he was going to be doing, he really didn't have a clue. But, he took a steno pad just in case. As of right now, he and the East Coast group have gone out for Mexican. We'll see how tomorrow goes with the first day of meetings.

I was doing that ostrich thing where I bury my head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge or think about him being gone. Because, that would mean I'm single parenting. Our three kids. Alone. With no other adult in the house with me. It could almost cause a case of hyperventilating to be sure.

Sure, I did this scene for 18 months when he was stationed in Norfolk and I decided to stay in S.C. I did it again when we first moved to Georgia and he left out for open seas. Now, that he's on shore duty until retirement, I can honestly say I didn't anticipate anything like conferences happening. What's up with that?

Of course I can do this and survive with flying colors. If I have to pop a kid on the back of the head a time or two in the meantime...who cares? Right?

I do know that last week when I went to the commissary, I did my shopping with one thought in mind.......I don't have to cook big meals if I am not inclined. And I do believe that I am not inclined. The Chef of Le Boy R Dee will provide a meal here and there (like tonight). Salads will be a choice meal one night. I'm gonna find a good box of cereal somewhere for our main meal one night, too. Oh, my gosh, don't forget pizza bites, dude. See what I mean? This is the week of food choices we don't need to talk too much about lest child protective services raise their eyebrows a tad.

This time, single parenting will be easier. The Boy will be at school some and so will the girls. I have things to keep me busy. I keep telling Carla that next year when The Boy is in all day school? I'm gonna take me a day here and there and I'm gonna come home and put my butt right back in bed. I intend to sleep the whole school day away. Chances are, I won't be able to unless I am deathly sick because now that I am old, I can't seem to sleep late. Yet I dream and hold those future plans close to my heart because I can. So there.

We shall see what new and exciting adventures the Edge has while The Man is off busy working. So far the two girls have tried to claim dibs on sleeping with me. I've informed Paige that I won't be getting up at 5:30 a.m. to wake her up. She's on her own. Her Dad might be kind enough to provide that service, but Mama don't play that.

What the two of them don't know? The Boy has already claimed his Dad's pillow and is snoring away in my bed as I type.


Sam, Missy and Alex said...

I love the menu, did you peek at Alex and my menu,hehehe. He's eating popcorn right now and has laid claim to Dads pillow too!

Debbie Kasper said...

Hey there sistah, Im here for ya and if ya need a Pina Colada just give me a holler. Love ya


Miss Hope said...

That Debbie. Always ready to help a sister out in a pinch. Love that woman.

Mrs. Em said...

Hey, Debbie! What's up with this? I've been doing the single parent thing for weeks now. Where's my fruity drink deliciousness?? ;)

Hope, you just keep hanging in there. It will all be over before you know it!

Deb said...

My blender is always ready for frozen wonders. It may be a wonder which one you get but you will get something :)

chelle's winks said...'ll enjoy your time and it will go by fast. Kyle still likes to sleep with me when Mark is on
3rd. Have fun and call me if you get bored!!!

Pikes Pickles said...

Oh man Missy and Miss Hope. You girls are k i ll ling me. What I wouldnt give for just one tiny week again to have free reign of the menus , a night to pluck my eyebrows, dye my hair and lay claim to the remote. Maybe even not put on make up one day....just because ! I LOVE these short little breaks to recreate me. The reunion is always SO much fun after these little breaks too! Now those 6 month + deployments are another story.
Go shoe shopping girls.(Take pictures though) RELAX =0) Lean cuisine even has a healthy version of tv dinners.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

I can't console myself with shopping, my home would look like show carnival! I don't do shoes any way.. I know, I know, please don't take my woman card! I have 2 sets of sandals, a pair of tennis shoes, and the lovely black pumps- thats it! When they die THEN I force myself to push through the shoe crowd! Gosh, that looks so sad in print..hahaha!
Anyways, Hope I am with you on the fast food, ewe I can't take one more bite!