Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last Time

Please tell me when this week got here, would you? Last I checked, it was around February to March and there was plenty of time left before summer. Next thing I know? It's now the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL.

Today is my last morning of "freedom" until school starts back in August. My baby will have his last full day of pre-school and it's right sad. For him. For me. He has just flourished since that first day he walked in last August. He can write his name! (as proven in all Mother's Day cards sent out....) He knows his colors and can do really long sentences. I've seen him grow at light speed. I have found some of that person that has been put by the wayside. You know that gal....the one who was Hope before she became Mama? I found out out what a brunch was-child free. I discovered some lazy shopping (compared to quick shopping where you run and out because your kids are hooligans and do not love the sport as much as you do).

Paige is done with Middle School. That sister has packed it up and is moving on. This last week, she seems to be doing the faculty at the Middle School a favor by blessing them with her presence. See, in her mind, she is a HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN. No more baby stuff for this sister. Now I gotta tighten the seat belt a little tighter so as not to be thrown from Life's Vehicle while we speed through High School.

Then you have Kenna. Ahh, my sweet girl. She informed me the other day that she has no desire to attend 4-6th grade. When I asked her why? She responded....because they split up the girls and boys and make them watch yucky movies about puberty. I see. I told her that it was, unfortunately, a part of growing up. Her best bet would be to watch those movies and learn about how things are going inside her body. Then, come home and ask me anything she can possibly think of. I would not be afraid to answer any question. (Paige can vouch for me here) I don't think the thought is as bad for her now...this moving on up to 4th grade. Her summer plans include reading as much as she possible can. And staying cool. That's my girl.

I am looking forward to not having to get up at the butt crack of dawn every single day...but I am NOT looking forward to feeding this brood all day long and having them all up under me. But, I'll go with the flow and enjoy it all. The Mother-in-Law is coming for a month very soon and I'm so very excited to see her (and the Father-in-Law who will be visiting the 4th).

I'm sitting here knowing I have to get up and get busy. The boy does not need to be late for his very last full day. He has to rehearse for his graduation this coming Thursday evening (I think I'll sniffle a little bit). I have to meet some friends for my last brunch...where I shall enjoy a tiny tea shop and it's goodness. Paige has physical therapy for her weak ankles starting today (13 visits for the summer coming our way!). So much to do this week.

The last week of school.


Krys72599 said...

Miss Hope, I DO so love your writing style! My favorite line? The "speeding through High School in Life's Vehicle" one... :-D
And Paige? I quote: "Her summer plans include reading as much as she possible can. And staying cool." Oh, we must SO be related somehow! I read all the time, at stop lights, at dinner (oops, sorry!), any time I'm not doing anything else! The idea of spending my vacation reading as much as I possibly can: there are simply no words!
And for the first time in Miss Krys' life, she's the proud owner of central air - and there had better be some good ole' fashioned NJ hot and humid weather this summer so I can use it!!!

Jill AKA busymom said...

Ms Hope...I am right there with ya babe...I have one who will be a senior this year....complete with a countdown of days until she graduates on her myspace and a freshman who wants to play Jv football...has the boy seen the size of some of the local talent?

Thank God......I work....I can still steal away for my lunches and massages...as long as I make sure Zman gets to Summer Camp each morning and there is enough food in the house that the other three don't call me to tell me who is hiding poptarts...like there is a shortage of them in the state!

chelle's winks said...

Wow Hope...I can't believe your kids are so grown. It just doesn't seem like that long ago...well you know....

Paige what has happened with you???This is too fast. Your arrival kinda marks the beginning of mine and your mothers friendship.

Hope it seems like just yesterday that I was whinning on your shoulder about....and telling you secrets about....anyway, my how we all have grown!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Hope said...

I'm not growing anything but old now!

The Man on the Edge said...

My love,
As long as we can grow old together, life will be worthwhile.