Friday, August 22, 2008

Made it on through

We weathered our first tropical storm pretty good, I think. There's still a few outer bands to go, but that'll be mostly rain with a little punch of wind here and there. I felt like we waited and waited all day long yesterday for happen. Of course, it waited til about dark thirty before it did. The winds whipped up and within a short amount of time, we had water about 4-6 inches deep on the road in front of our home. This morning it had all drained off, but I had visions of boat paddles before I went to bed.

My brother is the King of Being Prepared. He was working the graveyard shift last night so we had a right nice time texting back and forth. He was getting weather updates on his phone so he knew what was happening here. Why...that's almost enough to think he might care!

I've got to say I'm impressed with some Dish Network. Our satellite stayed on the entire time with no problems. We even maintained internet. It sure made our lives smooth.

The kids are out of school again today as Ms. Fay wraps up her party and heads on out. Coastal areas tend to flood a tad, so I'm sure some people are enjoying boat rides around their neighborhoods this morning.

We are still preparing to head to South Carolina. The Man had to go in and get a few things straight, so we're here eating some breakfast. Well, Mama is drinking her coffee so she can function at a somewhat decent level. I'm hoping we'll hit the highway around lunch time. It'll take a little driving before we get past the rest of this storm, but I have faith in the Hoe. She's a sturdy one, she is. I do believe this is my favorite vehicle I've owned thus far. Whoever decided to put a DVD player in a vehicle deserves a HUGE bonus. They had to be a parent.

Now I gotta go crack a whip and get these girls t'moving and packing.

Oh, I have to give a birthday shout out to the love of my son's life. Miss Erinlee is 4 today. We intend on celebrating in big style next weekend. Her Daddy is out to sea right now and is missing his girl something fierce. Thoughts that he has a good day would greatly appreciated. We already know turning 4 rocks and the day will be great! Happy Birthday, Erinlee! We love you!

This Friday I leave you with the challenge of doing a spontaneous good deed this weekend. See the world get a little brighter.


Mrs. Em said...

Y'all travel safely!!

Dani said...

Have a great trip! Glad to hear you weathered Ms. Faye well.

Check out my blog for an award :)

Jill AKA busymom said...

Ms Hope...even though it SHOULD only take me 15 minutes to get from Pearl to my has never taken me less than 30...that is why I insisted that our Armada have a DVD player...and wireless headphones. Now they watch their movie and I listen to music...well at least when they can find the headphones:) Your right had to be a parent!

Enjoy your weekend!

House of Hayes said...

Erinlee said THANK YOU MS HOPE :) And to have a safe trip.Sorry you are missing the party tonight...but there will be another one next weekend...! IF the weather holds out.She was sad about not getting a party with her school friends but she is going to be ok tonight when she gets some of her presents.
Have a safe trip and COME HOME SOON :)

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy the family!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Glad you didn't need floaties to get to SC. Have a good trip and thanks for admonishing me to get back to blogging. If not for you, I would have blog sulked a long while.

Crazy Me said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip! Good luck on your good deed too. I want to hear all about it.

Tammi said...

How neat-o.Got here via Purfect kitty...was just surfin' around and this one caught my eye.Hope you have a nice safe trip.
great blog.
Take Care