Monday, August 25, 2008

Stacey and Jay's Wedding

I have to do a little something special for two great people.

Our normal 4.5 hour drive turned into a little over 6 hours due to Miss Fay's fury. Whew, that was some tough riding. I'm glad The Man drove it because my nerves were quite bad over in the passenger seat. Especially when we would drive over bridges. Being in the wide open with wind and rain was not a good combination. The Hoe was sturdy as a rock and I marveled at the stupid heads who were driving pregnant roller skates just zipping along like they had never heard of hydroplaning when taking the driving course. Again, I put out there that I adore my gas guzzling big as TEXAS vehicle.

All that bad weather gave birth to a beautifully perfect day on Saturday. It wasn't even hot towards the evening. Which is hard to believe in August in the South. I'm telling was perfect.

We arrived early as I was determined to get a good seat. The church looked amazing. We had to take The Boy with us, which made me nervous. My sis-in-law saved the day and let him sit with her and my brother. And he fell asleep. I almost went into panic mode until I realized this might be a good thing. We let him sleep through the ceremony so he got a good 30 minute nap. Ahhh..peace reigned.

There was a gorgeous flower arrangement dedicated in memory to Spencer , Stacey's brother. Davey and Michelle lit the candle for that arrangement after they did the parent's candle. I had to wipe tears away because I can only imagine how hard it was to be so happy for one child while missing another one.

My girl was just stunning. The only word that comes to mind is radiant. I had to turn my head to see Jay's face as he watched her walk towards him. That was one happy man and I can't blame him.

Well, if you know me, then you know me discreetly bringing out the cell phone camera wasn't a surprise. I felt like paparazzi snapping the illegal ceremony picture, but I couldn't wait for professional photos to come back so I could share. Maybe I can get a formal one for later. I was gracious enough to wait until after the vows were spoken. My pictures were during the song where they stood and chatted and laughed. I'm going to make a mental note to ask her what was so funny later on.

The reception was just as beautiful as the church and ceremony. My family and I enjoyed ourselves as we visited with family and friends we haven't seen in a while. The bride and groom finally made it in to our delight. I always do my best to stay until the bride and groom leave. I think that's the most special part of the day...where they leave and start their lives as man and wife. They need those who love them to see them off and give well wishes and blow lots of bubbles.
I'm gonna throw in here there's nothing like seeing a former pastor and his family you haven't seen in many years and you blow his mind when he sees your husband and it's not the same man he remembers. heh heh. THEN, he finds out not only are you d.i.v.o.r.c.e'd? But remarried, moved to another state, and given birth to a BOY! Good times.

A cute moment was when the garter was being thrown. Those nut head boys/men didn't want to participate and every time Jay would toss it, it would end up on the floor. My son would run to get it and carry it back to Jay. This happened a few times and my son thought it was the greatest game ever. I hope they got a picture of him doing that. I was laughing too hard to think about taking one. Makenna missed the bouquet by a few inches, but I'm sure she'll snag one sooner or later in her life.

A HUGE chariot also known as a fire truck waited to take them off. Jay volunteers his time with a local fire department. That is so appreciated because it's men and women like this who keep our rural homes safe and are there night and day to serve and protect.

As we stood outside waiting for them to leave, I noticed a rainbow in the sky. Which kind of seemed odd to me. It hadn't rained all day long. I pointed it out to the preacher's wife and she went running to Michelle. Apparently since Spencer has left, rainbows have appeared through many special occasions. This was no different. It was a moment that made you pause and catch your breath. God is good. He, in his wonderfully kind and compassionate way, was letting them know Spencer was there in spirit. I felt blessed to have seen it. Want to know what else was crazy? As soon as the fire truck pulled away with Stacey and Jay in it....the rainbow was gone. Just that quick. Yeah, I got a chill, too, watching it.

Now, I get to share the few pictures I managed to take. Granted, I won't ever win prizes for the quality and such, but I'm pleased with them. My only regret is not getting one with Jay in it. I apologize for that, but I only had a moment to speak with him and I don't think he gets the whole blog thing...yet.

Not too bad to be a few pews back. The short dude to the right is my nephew. He was the ring bearer and was all studly because he got to escort TWO girls (flower girls) for the ceremony. (Proofreading and realized Jay is in lots of pictures! Ha on me!)

I know the people behind me had to think I was the rudest thing EVAH. I was in a hard place, Internets. It wasn't like I could stand up and say..."It's for the BLOG!"

How do you keep a little boy entertained while waiting in line for food? Let him play with Dad's combination cover (it's not like Dad can wear it inside).

I got a few minutes with the beautiful bride who fully understands and appreciates the blog. See The Man back behind us cheesing? Trying to get his uniformed self all up in our picture??

Well, look here. I did, too, get one with Jay in it. I forgot I made The Man take his tall self over and get one for me. There they go! Off to start their new life!

Congratulations, Stacey & Jay! We love you and pray you have a wonderful life together!


The Man on the Edge said...

There is one thing that I would like to comment about. Before the wedding started, while we were sitting in the church, The Boy was jumping around and knocked a button off my coat. These buttons aren't sewn in so it was easy to put it back, but I had to run to the back of the church to do it. While I was walking back in, I had to pass the room where Stacey was waiting. Her momma saw me and insisted that I go in so they could get a picture. Now, Michelle, that meant the world to me. I have held you and Davie in my heart like family. With that one little act, you confirmed that we are family. I know I have been hurting for you guys and felt a tremendous amount of joy as we watched Jay and Stacey start their lives together. I wish to thank you and Stacey both for that little act that meant the world to me.

Stacey and Jay, as Hope said, we wish you the best and you will always be in our prayers.

Krys72599 said...

I wanted to post a comment about how beautiful your Stacey looked, but I've changed my mind.
I want to post a comment, Miss Hope, about how lucky you are to have that Man on the Edge.
That he would take the time to post that lovely note on your blog, shouting out for all the world to see how much Stacey means to him?
I think he must rank right up there with MY dear hubby as most definitely a keeper!
You're a lucky lady, Miss Hope!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

ok I am teary eyed! I am glad you guys had a wonderful time and everything worked out perfectly! I love weddings!

Anonymous said...

I STILL have goosebumps from the rainbow at the wedding !! That makes a great day even more perfect - that he was there for everyone to see.

Miss Hope - you looked beautiful in your pic with the lovely bride, as did The Man on the Edge. You're a fine and wonderful pair !

(by way of SWC)

PS You can't call me out, now, girlfriend ! :P I came out of lurkdom.

Miss Hope said...

Tamra! Girl, you know I was gonna call you out sooner or later! Glad to see you stop by.

That rainbow still amazes me every time I think about it. I forgot to mention that as soon as Stacey walked out of the fellowship hall to leave, she saw it and knew.

Michelle Tanner said...

You are all truly our family and we don't think any other way. We were so blessed to have you all to be there to support Stacey and Jay. Yes, it was wonderful to see the rainbow, but I knew Spencer would be there because I had a dream that he would. We do miss him so much and it is hard to let both of them go, but God is still God and He is with us to help us with each new day that we have to get up without them. We're so thankful that God has sent such a wonderful man to Stacey and we don't worry one bit about her because we know that she is in great hands with Jay. Just know that we love you all so very much and no matter how far you may be in miles from us, you are still very close in heart.

cat said...

Hope: You are one of the most sweetest women I know. You write with such compassion and truth, I just think "your the berries".

I ALWAYS cry at weddings and find them to be the closest to christ at that time. Not because I'm in a church, I'm in a church at least 2-3 times a week, it's just to me thats when we are at one and our heavenly father is the most present to join us, so that could be why I cry so much during them.

You have a way of either having me on the floor with laughter or a box of kleenex's next to me with whales of tears streaming down my face, you just have that way.

Thanks so much for thinking of me in my time of need.....funny, I have never met you, but feel that we are friends from way back. Thanks for that.....your a keeper!

Monogram Queen said...


Isn't it funny how the day after a storm can be so gorgeous!
Lucky for y'all!

Wishing the happy couple the best!

chelle said...

That was a beautiful post. I'm so glad their day was extra special.

Lishak said...

What a lovely wedding. Glad y'all had a safe trip! Congrats to the couple and much happiness!

Kristi said...

I just love weddings. What a beautiful couple they made. I've never seen a couple ride off into the sunset in a fire engine. That was cool.

Pikes Pickles said...

Ohhh what a wonderful wedding. Congrats to the newly married couple!

I am Boymom said...

Sounds like a beautiful wedding and what a great pic of you and the bride! I echo krys' comments regarding Man on the Edge. Sensitive AND Manly? How do you beat that!

Mrs. Em said...

Michelle, after hearing so much about you, it was an honor to read your comment...I just had to say that.

Hope, thank you for sharing about the rainbow. I was truly moved to tears.