Monday, August 04, 2008

Three Down and Free to Go!

I sent my baby boy off to full-time school this morning. He awoke with gusto and shoved Makenna and I out of the way in the bathroom (where I was drying her hair) and informed us, "I'm going to SCHOOL and I gotta pee!" Far be it from us to get in his way.

He had picked his outfit out on Friday while the girls were gone for their first day. I laid out four shirts on his bed and let him choose. He was torn between the submarine tshirt and the baseball one. He finally settled on the submarine one. (Go Navy!)

It was a mad house around here this morning as we rushed to get all kids dressed and out the door. Of course, The Man was going with us for the first day because that's how He rolls. We decided to drop Kenna off first and head on to 4K. It was touchy here and there as anyone who has kids can tell you the first week is just crazy until all settles down.

My baby went in with his head high and his eyes bright. Didn't hesitate once. I had to remind him to come back and give me a kiss.

Carla, Dulcie, and myself decided we needed to head out as a celebration of sorts. My thinking was for some coffee. I was in dire need as I had not had the chance to drink but a half of a cup.

I kept thinking about my baby during the day. Was he having a good time? Was he being a good listener? Was he happy? I've done this with all three of my kids as they've headed off into the land of big girls and boys. This was bittersweet for me as I wasn't left with an infant at home to focus on. Fourteen years and I have no one left at home but me. I am not sad about it. Fourteen years is a long time, Internets!

I'll even admit to taking a small nap before every one got home. Because I could. I'm still thinking the perfect job for me out there includes an afternoon siesta.

I came home from taking The Boy and walked next door to sit outside and visit with my neighbor Debbie for a few. We were sitting in her glider outside when we heard colors resonate across the base. In one accord we stood up and faced her flag with our hands over our hearts. As I stood there and thought about my post from yesterday, I knew then I might not can do a thing about those who refuse to show respect, but I can make sure to teach my own how to do it the proper way.
A quick shout out to Nana! When she came to visit a couple of weeks ago, Kenna asked her if she brought the funnies with her. (You know...the comics out of the newspaper?) My mother went home and saved the funny page out of the newspaper for two solid weeks (including Sunday) and sent them in a big yellow envelope. I got the local newspaper and Paige got a magazine. It was so unexpected and special! Thanks, Mama!

Of course, I shall end with pictures. What kind of Edge would this be without pictures!

He was a little put out with me snapping pictures. He was ready to go!

This is the brand spanking new backpack I ordered and Miss Dulcie monogrammed. Note the frog paknak (links to the right).

I LOVE this. These are my boys and the bond they have just amazes me on a daily basis.

This is...uh....the coffee I told you about? Yeah, we like a little egg with our coffee. And hash. And bacon. And pancakes.

Thanks, Blogger, for finally cooperating!


chelle's winks said...

Oh my...he's all grown up now...those are cute pictures....

Enjoy deserve it!

Heidi said...

Love the backpack. Big boy! Makes me sad

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Way to go on the first day of school, Vitt!!!

How was the 1st day for the girls?

carla said...

girl, you really didn't have to show all the food we

House of Hayes said...

WOW.....My mouth is drooling over all that yummie breakfast..MINUS the eggs that were on that plate in the middle.EEWWW

Glad we made it through another first day of school together!! HERE'S TO MANY MORE YEARS TO COME :)

Lishak said...

First of all, I LOVE Vitt's backpack. That is my favorite color!
Your story about Nana sending the comics to your daughter reminds me of my college days. I missed them so much, that my grandparents saved them up and sent them in boxes to my dorm room. It was so nice!

Glad you get to have some "you" time along with your busy schedule!