Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I am such a bad Mama at times. My poor baby is still having issues with that big toenail of his. It's barely hanging on at the cuticle. When he realizes it's there and starts to wailing about it, I direct him to his Dad. When he rips the gauzy bandage protection off, I direct him to his Dad. I don't even like looking at it. It makes my insides feel yucky.

I can't handle the retching sound people make when sick. I can if I've been least I think so. That was WAY back in college when I'd help a sister out. I don't know how I would do now going on twenty years later. After sitting here thinking about it a second? I prolly wouldn't do so good now. Where this thought come from, I have no idea. I guess I felt it had to be put out there in case I ran into any of you and you decided to go and get sick on me or something.

School is going well thus far. We all know how it goes. The first week, they hit the floor smiling and ready to face the day. As time progresses, you literally have to threaten their very lives to get them up and moving.

Paige brought home her uniforms for ROTC-Navy style. Argh. Let me just say I do not support her doing ROTC. I've heard all the pro's and whatnot. Trust me. I just want her to focus on getting as many gifted classes she can and get a college degree. She's all about going to college, being an officer, and changing the world. I'm just not the type person (and there are many who will testify to this) to be told what to do. My daughter is a lot like me. I'm curious as to how this will turn out. She will either excel and rock it or throw up her hand in disgust and walk away.

Now is where I have to learn AGAIN how to balance it all. Make sure the evening meal is served on time and home work is done. Bathe the boy every night and get him in bed because he's in SCHOOL. Full time! Have I mentioned that already? I'm not bathing him at the present time because that would mean I have to deal with that toenail. That's right, Dad is handling that. We have 10 months of school and 2 months of summer, but routines have to be re-learned. How crazy is that?

All I know right now? Is that my oldest child has two huge laundry baskets of dirty clothes outside her room that I told her to bring to the laundry room so I could get them washed today and she neglected to do so because she "forgets" all the time and if I get my stubborn streak cranked up, I won't do them and she'll be all kinds of upset this afternoon and they just won't get done. Reckon she'll have to remember next time, then won't she?

I'm going to stop thinking now. I've got a jumbo cup of coffee here that is the perfect temperature and I hear a little word whomp calling my name.


Pikes Pickles said...

You will get it all worked out I am sure and there will be a post here tellin us all about it.
On the other hand. I REALLY understand where your coming from. Raising kids is HARD work. Not at all for wimps and frankly, I am a wimp. I just wish I could have a glimpse into a crystal ball and see them 15 years from now and know that I didn't screw them up as bad as they are leading me to believe that I am.
And one more thing...everyone says girls are harder than boys.... Umm, I beg to differ.
Look at me - I just jumped on your bandwagon. I feel better now. DO you?

Monogram Queen said...

I still can't believe school has started so soon!!!
I dread when my kid starts real regular school. Oh the battles!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

We told Alex last night school started in GA this week, his jaw hit the floor and Sam piped up aren't you glad your not in GA but get ready yours is around the corner! LOL!

I was going to share that I have a young cousin in the JROTC & ROTC here in SC and she loves it! She also works her butt off! Shes maybe pushing 4 3/4ft and shes so cute holding a huge army gun! They got to see and touch in some field trip they went on last year!

chelle's winks said...

Oh I can tell by this post that you are wondering what to do with yourself about now...where to much free time...HE HE..

Paige I love you...but my bet is...your'e gonna turn in your papers on ROTC...don't take this as a challenge...I just think that like your like giving your own orders...however....I am very proud of you;)...good luck with it...

Wendy said...

Ahhh school. Noah starts Monday and we go to meet his teacher tomorrow. I can't wait. Really I can't.

I know what you mean about having to re-learn the routines. I'm a little nervous about it.

I know I missed a few posts because I pretty new to your blog, but why don't you just have your husband cut the toe nail off? It would have to be more comfortable for him...

Miss Hope said...

Hey Wendy,

We took The Boy to the doctor and they wanted that nail to stay on as long as possible for the new nail growing underneath. Instead of cutting it off or even ~shudder~ pulling it off, they wanted the cuticle to naturally push it out. It's been a long three weeks waiting on this.

Reminds me of waiting on the umbillical cord to fall off!

Mimi said...
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