Friday, August 08, 2008

Score another one for the girl

That girl of mine came in the house wide open yesterday. She had her first inspection.

She passed.

She passed so well she got her first ribbon.

This past summer she went to the school with Britt to do some cleaning in the ROTC room so she could meet some of the teachers and get a feel for the place.

She got a ribbon for that, too.

The only freshman that she knows of to get 2 ribbons within the first week of school.

That sister is an over achiever for sure.

She met another guy yesterday who has been doing this gig for about four years. His chest is covered in medals, ribbons, and cords(sp?). She looked at me and said, "Mama, when I saw his uniform? I told myself that's how I wanted mine to look." I'm inclined to believe she will accomplish that personal mission.


Good news. The Boy's toenail fell off of its own accord. I know you all think I'm crazy for being like I am over that thing but it was NASTY looking. He came home from school the other day and pulled the gauze off and the toenail came with it. No pain. No blood. Just a nice pink toe with a new nail doing it's best to grow. Relief is an understatement. Now he can wear his croc-odile shoes to protect it and not have to worry about gauzing it up three times a day. I know this probably won't be the last injury in his life time. I might go ahead and fill an order for nerve tablets. He's aging me quick!


Kenna starts her beloved Challenge class this coming Monday. She LIVES for that day of thinking outside the box. Her only problem? Obviously the food isn't as good at this school as it is at her regular school. Hate it for her. I'm not about packing lunches and I'm not about to start now. She's smooth with having a male teacher thus far. Methinks she might wrap him around her finger if given the chance. This baby loves men. Has always gravitated to them. I'll worry more about that when she gets a little older, I think.


Another point of interest? If you purchase anything from Lowe's (yes, I'm doing a free shout to them), especially a large appliance? And it breaks? On a regular basis? They'll work with you. I spoke of the situation earlier and said I would do a follow up on it. A manager there by the name of Darb told us he would give us a washing machine at their cost. I immediately went to shopping and little while later found what would become one of my most favorite toys thus far. (Mine is white) One thing you need to know? The markup on these bad boys is stupid. What we paid was probably half of the price on this site. Now Darb told us he couldn't do a whole lot with our fisher, maybe give us a little store credit. First, he had to deem it unrepairable. So be it. He sent it off to a local repair shop. Five weeks later he calls to check on it (we checked with him about every week or so lest he forget about us) and guess what? They had to order the part from New Zealand. When it got through customs and arrived? It was the wrong part. Here passes another few weeks. Darb saw our issue. We could have possibly been without a washer for a few months. The Man went by a few days later to pick up a Lowe's gift card for around 500 bucks. Sweet. We were amazed at how great they were. Of course, there's always something you need from that store, so we were perfectly satisfied with the results. All in all? We spend around 700-800 bucks for a washer, two years later it's bought back for 500. I can live with it. We were fortunate to work with great people to solve the issue. (note: if you can't keep up with paperwork like receipts? Use your credit card for a major purchase. I was able to call my credit card company and get a statement proving we purchased this item in June of 2006. I'll do that, you know. Buy stuff with a credit card and pay it off. It helps me have a backup record and keeps the credit report looking good.) I took the advice of the sales guy working in the appliances and put all my paper work (along with extended warranty lasting until 2013) in a Ziploc bag and it's taped to the machine. Smart man to tell me that.

I wasn't ugly (although I had potential to be) and used logic and maybe just a tad bit of Southern Charm and grace. You, too, can succeed if you sneak in a little drawl now and again.


That concludes an Edge update for the moment. I have a surprise for everyone next week that has me tickled to no end. That means you have to stay tuned because Monday is the reveal. No ones knows about it but me so even my friends can get a wide eye'd look and say "OHHHHHHHH".

*wiggles in chair*

Stay hydrated, Internets. It's hot out there.


carla said...

GIRL!!! I've done told you about leaving me hanging. I don't like it and you know I will eventually get you Guess I'll have to wait til Monday...GEEZ

Debbie said...

I'm with Carla, you shouldnt post if ur gonna teas us LOL. Hey Carla maybe we can bribe her with chocolate.... a snickers perhaps.

chelle's winks said...

Paige...I'm proud of you....good luck filling that shirt up with medals!

and Hope...I have a good guess what it is and have been wondering when you would let me know....

Miss Hope said...

I am not pregnant and am not moving back to SC at the present time. (We still gotta retire!)

Debbie said...

OMG Hope I almost fell out of my chair I only saw the word pregnant.. I thought U had lost ur mind. Your to funny.

chelle's winks said...

no....almost the total opposite is what I'm thinking...

House of Hayes said...

OK.......WELL....So much for your charm...I think I am going to find a new friend named HOPE who needs it :)

Pikes Pickles said...
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Pikes Pickles said...

(Geez lets try this again - I was the one who deleted the last one)

Paige -
You are just about the most amazing kid. I can't wait to see the photos of all those medals.

Hope ? (pause) Your totally going to do it ?! You have decided to come to VA and meet your newly adopted daughter next week aren't you? We will have our selves a fun little reunion/get to know each other with a ton of pictures for the blog. It will be prefect. I know it. Then...on your way home you'll drop me off on the airport (it's on the way) so that Ally doesn't go sobbing her way (while driving) back to school.
I'll see you there.


Joe and Samantha said...

It's you?
I had no idea. Now we can both feel dumb!


Monogram Queen said...

Yay for the ribbons! Sounds like your kids are off to a great start this year!

andria said...

I have not been checking my blogs these days as I have no where to check them since I have no place to open my computer. It's upsetting really. But I finally check in and find the boy's already in school?? When did he get that big? He looks so proud too.
And I think your girl is gonna kick some ROTC butt this year. Impressive because if I remember being a freshman girl,I did nothing in the way of work of any kind and I totally regret it.
Surprise me. What's going on?

Dani said...

Congrats to Paige ... keep it up girl :) Hope ... you know if she has any questions about the navy thing (especially a female in the Navy) ... she can ask me ;). God Bless! Nothing like catching up after being gone for a few days.