Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Girl is Good

Yep, I was right.

Makenna has strep throat and the Commander who saw her yesterday gave me a referral for a civilian ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist). I told her in a matter-of-fact voice what had been going on with Makenna and that I felt she had strep again because of the symptoms. She said she would do the rapid strep test and go ahead and get a referral ready. Rock on, Commander! Now I just have to wait a couple of days for the information to get into the lovely military system. Then I will call and get the name of her doctor. If my research on this doctor isn't satisfactory, then I will call Tricare back and proceed to show my butt to get the results I want for my baby.

Vitt, on the other hand, I think there is a lack of communication going on there. They did a strep test on him and it came back negative. I believe he has a sinus infection, but the Commander was so focused on Makenna that she didn't prescribe anything but cough and congestion medicine for him. I'll wait another day or two on him. If he doesn't clear up or get better, we'll go pay her another visit. So, it appears I wasn't right...and I wasn't wrong. The jury is still out on him.

Want to get upset? Want to roll your eyes in disgust? I was asked if I had Motrin and Tylenol for the kids. I DO have some here at home, but I was smart and said that I was running low. Makenna weighs enough to take Motrin in pill form, but the children's liquid is better on her throat at the moment. Therefore, with just 3-4 doses, she can clean out an entire bottle very quickly.

I took the kids out to the vehicle because Vitt was literally a froot loop in the pharmacy waiting area. Fred came out with a HUGE brown bag. We were given FOUR bottles of Children's Motrin......name brand, baby! No generic stuff there. We were given FOUR bottles of generic Children's Tylenol. Both kids got their own bottles of cough and congestion medicines. Did we see the right person or what?????

That was around $40.00 worth of over the counter medicine. Sweet.

A word about my youngest froot loop. That kid looks like he could be the poster child for A.D.D. sometimes. He was insane acting while waiting to see the doctor and in the exam room. When it was his turn to be examined, he sat there like a grown man. Seriously. He was absolutely perfect. He let her do just what she needed to without argument. She even did the strep test....with the Q-tip in the back of the throat. Didn't even flinch. She took the test out to be developed and Vitt told his Dad he had to "go pee pee". Fred and I both start running for a bathroom when he says this. Especially in public. The Commander came back in to check his lungs and he told her he had to "go pee pee". She immediately stepped to the side and told him to go and come right back so she could check his lungs. A few minutes later he came back, got back on the table, informed her he had pee-pee'd AND washed his hands. God, I just eat him up when he acts like that.

He made us look like Parents of the Year. Anyone with kids know that moments like this are few and far between. When they happen, grab them and hold on for dear life. Bask in the moment that is fleeting and will go away too quick for your liking.

So, I was validated and got lots of medications that should last us a while. Makenna will be getting checked out by a specialist and Vitt rocked in front of the doctor.


OneHungMan said...

OneHung is so jealous. YoungHung has yet to grasp the concept that pissing is what makes your drawers wet. He can access the internet with his mother's cell phone but can't piss in the pot. Go figure.

Miss Hope said...

We all have special talents, Hung. Sounds like Young is working on being a child prodigy. Seriously.