Monday, February 26, 2007

Just Call Me Doctor...

The doctor is in.

Schooling is important, but I feel life experience has potential to be a great teacher also.

Vitt and Mak are sick. This is my diagnosis of their maladies.

Vitt had a stomach virus last week that lasted until Saturday. Friday he developed a cough that come clean from his toes. We've given him children's NyQuil at night so he can rest but have discovered that we will NOT give him triaminic EVAH again. We almost had to peel him off of the ceiling after a dose of that stuff yesterday. My diagnosis for him is that he's developing a respiratory infection due to a compromised immune system.

Makenna has a sore throat. Again. My diagnosis is that she once again has strep throat. This will be her fourth episode since Thanksgiving. Methinks it's time for us to consider getting her tonsils removed. When Paige was 6, she had strep and tonsillitis for six months straight. After being on approximately 7 antibiotics, I put my foot down and she ended up getting her tonsils and adenoids out plus tubes in her ears. How healthy she was after that.

We're visiting the doctor this afternoon and I will let you know if I qualify for an M.D. upon our return.

I will either be totally validated or completely ignorant. We shall see.

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