Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Only One

Am I the only mother whose son is like this?

Today I turned my back for just a second. I hear a thud and turn around. There lay my son on the floor spread eagle on his back. As I look around to see out exactly what happened, this is what I figured out:

1. He saw my lovely curtains. Valances that hang down the side to the window sill.

2. There is a window sill. With a maybe a 3 inch ledge?

3. There is his chair.

4. Methinks he was playing Tarzan, Spider Man, or some other crazy male.

5. Apparently he climbed up on the window sill, grabbed the curtain, and proceeded to swing out.

And I'm sure as he lay on the floor looking up at his dreams....he seriously couldn't understand why the curtain rod was RIPPED from the wall.


Emily said...

LOL!!! I'm seriously laughing here!!!

Etayne said...

me too. Such a guy thing to do.
You have your hands full!

Melanie said...

That is hilarious!