Monday, February 05, 2007

No Offense, of course

I shared this with my family at the dinner table yesterday in South Carolina, so this is old news for them.

I had an interesting conversation with Makenna yesterday morning while getting ready for church. It went something like this:

Makenna: Mama, did you know that if you take five dimes to the lunch room ladies, they'll give you two quarters.

Me: (fixing her hair) That would sound about right. They're just giving you an equal amount.

Makenna: Yes ma'am. You can even put the money in your lunch account. But, some people take money out of their account.

Me: (stopping the hair process) Makenna, you better not take money out of your account. That's there for you to eat lunch and if you take it out, you'll be hungry.

Makenna: Oh, no ma'am. I don't do it. Only the rednecks do it.

Me: Why on earth would they take money out of their account?????

Makenna: Because they're from Delaware.

I started laughing and just about couldn't stop. I asked her why would rednecks be from Delaware and she just shrugged and said that's what they say when you ask them. I have no clue as to why she would say that, but she was so earnest and sincere about it and I was laughing too hard to pursue it. Besides, we were running late and the moment was lost after that.

So, my question to you folks is this:

Why are all the rednecks from Delaware?

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OneHungMan said...

You got OneHung. He thought they were all from Kentucky.